Purchasing Card

If you anticipate needing to make numerous purchases on behalf of Champlain College, please consult your supervisor to understand if you are a candidate for ordering a purchasing card. To request a purchasing card, you will need to fill out the below Purchasing Cardholder Agreement and Purchasing Cardholder Application. Once signed, you will submit the application to Finance.

Any questions that you may have surrounding purchasing cards should be directed to:

Jennifer Kennelly: Jkennelly@champlain.edu | 802-865-5451 or to

Vikki Gauvin: vgauvin@champlain.edu | 802-383-6627


Purchasing Cardholder Agreement

Purchasing Card Application

Missing Receipt Form


International Travel Purchasing Card Best Practices

Cardholder Benefits

Monthly Statement Process Instructions

Supervisor Fiscal Review Checklist

  • Cardholders only have 60 days to dispute charges