Who is the College's Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator oversees the prompt investigation of complaints alleging sexual harassment; reviews findings as to whether sexual harassment occurred; reviews proposed remedies (including interim measures) necessary to address the sexual harassment, eliminate any hostile environment, and prevent its reoccurrence; and serves as consultant to any disciplinary hearing panel where sexual harassment has been determined to have occurred to ensure the Colleges compliance with Title IX. The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the development, scheduling, and implementation of regular events hosted by or supported by the College leadership on campus to raise awareness in the campus community about all forms of sex discrimination (including sexual harassment and sexual assault) and the Colleges policies and procedures regarding such matters, so as to reinforce to the College community the importance of this issue to the College administration.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for providing information to students and employees regarding their Title IX rights and responsibilities, including information about the resources available on and off campus, the formal and informal complaint processes, the availability of interim measures, and the ability to file a complaint with local law enforcement and complaint with the University simultaneously.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the development, scheduling, and implementation of necessary periodic Title IX training for the College community, including students and employees.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for periodic review and assessment of the Colleges Title IX policies and procedures, to ensure that they are clear and consolidated to the maximum extent possible to provide an efficient resource for students, faculty, and staff.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of annual assessments (i.e. surveys) of campus climate with regard to sexual harassment and sexual violence.  

The College has designated Danelle Berube, Vice President of Student Affairs, to serve as the College's Title IX Coordinator. For general Title IX questions email titleix@champlain.edu

The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators can be contacted by email, phone, or in person during regular office hours. Materials can also be mailed to the Title IX Coordinator or any Deputy Coordinator at 375 Maple Street, Burlington, VT 05401. 

Danelle Berube
Vice President of Student Affairs
Title IX Coordinator
IDX Student Life Center, 315
(802) 865-5460

Bruce Bovat
Director, Campus Public Safety
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 860-2755

Rian Rabideau
Director of Housing and Residential Life
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 860-2749

Gail MacDonald
Manager, Application Transfer Credit Review, Champlain College Online
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 522-3891

Kaelyn Murray
Academic Advisor, Champlain College Online
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 865-5735

Sara Quintana
Acting Director of Human Resources
Associate Director of Talent and Engagement, People Center
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 865-5417

Cory Davis
Director of Community Standards
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(802) 865-6428 

In compliance with the May 2020 Title IX regulations, the College has provided appropriate training to the Title IX Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinators. Those training materials can be found here.