The Office of International Student Services (OISS) plays a central role in institutional immigration compliance, international student and exchange visitor strategy, international admissions and recruitment, and international student and scholar services.

Through specialized programming, OISS functions as a community touch point for Champlain’s international community and those who wish to engage in furthering their understanding of international education on Champlain College’s Burlington campus.


When should an international student/exchange visitor be advised to contact OISS?

Help us help our international community by learning about when you should advise an international student/exchange to contact our team.

    1. Students only: they officially drop below 12 credits (full time) with the Registrar’s Office.
    2. Students, Faculty, or Staff: They officially withdraw/take leave (either academic, personal, or medical) from Champlain College.
    3. Students, Faculty, and Staff: They participate in required or recommended off-campus internships, field work, practicums, co-ops, alternative work/study agreements, or occasional lectures.
    4. Students, Faculty, and Staff: They seek employment on or off campus.
    5. Students, Faculty, and Staff: They travel outside the U.S. for any reason.
    6. Student, Faculty, and Staff: They change majors, add minors, or wish to extend, cut short, or alter their initial programs at Champlain.
    1. Student, Faculty, and Staff: They have issues with their health insurance.
    2. Student, Faculty, and Staff: They have issues with cultural adjustment, housing, assessing community resources, etc.

Don’t know if a student, faculty, or staff member is an international student or exchange visitor?

Contact our office.

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