As an international student or scholar at Champlain College, you need to be aware of common scams and how to avoid them or not be taken advantage of.

Commons scams use the threat of the loss of valid immigration status and request large sums of money to avoid that loss.

Commons scams targeting international students:

  • young person in bed makes a phone call
    Via Telephone:
    • IRS
    • I-901 SEVIS Fee (wrong amount)
    • Immigration
    • 911 Calling You
    • Police
    • Faked Kidnapping
  • student works on her laptop in the sarah ramsey lab
    Via Email/Social Media:
    • IRS
    • Immigration Fees
    • Winning Monday
    • Prizes
    • Apartments/Cars
    • Diversity Lottery Scam
    • Malware Attached to Email when Opened
    • Fake Link
    • Fake Websites
  • individual reviewing a bill from a foreign country
    Via Snail Mail:
    • Packet of Immigration Forms/Tax Forms/Request for Payment
    • Letter Asking You to Call
    • ICE Saying Unpaid SEVIS Fee and to Send $600 on a Pre-Paid Card
    • Employment Scams

Social Security Identity Theft

The Social Security Administration (or, SSA) will not give out your SSN to anyone, except when authorized by law to do so.

Never carry your SSN card in your wallet or on your person – memorize the # and put it away in a safe space.

Be careful about sharing your SSN. It is okay to share with your employers, IRS, your bank, and hospitals.

If someone asks for your SSN, ask 3 important questions:

  1. Why is it needed?
  2. How will it be used?
  3. What if I refuse?

Additional Tips and Resources