F-1 students are international students who are studying at Champlain for a degree. In order to “maintain” F-1 student status while in the United States and continue to progress towards a degree, an F-1 student must comply with several U.S. federal immigration rules and regulations.

This section is devoted solely to F-1 students, their rules of status, and how to maintain F-1 status properly. Please choose from the topics below to find valuable immigration information:

  • F-1 Visas

    Learn how to get your F-1 Student Visa and the renewal process.

  • International student from Brazil signing a thumbs up during commencement
    F-1 Rules of Status

    Learn more about how to enter the U.S. in F-1 student status and how to maintain that status while you are a student.


  • Student and teacher working on paperwork in an office
    F-1 Reduced Course Load

    Learn more about academic or medical reduced course load authorization for F-1 students.

  • International student sitting outside by a river and smiling
    F-1 Employment

    Learn more about the types of employment F-1 students can do while in the U.S.

  • F-1 Transfers/ Program Extensions

    Learn more about SEVIS transfers and the transfer process, and the qualifications and documents needed for a program extension.

  • champlain college online student working on their laptop
    F-1 Online Coursework

    Learn more about what the U.S. government defines as an online course and how many online courses F-1 students are permitted to take in one semester.