Unless otherwise stated, international students at Champlain College must complete 12 credits every semester to be considered “full time” for immigration purposes. Your P/DSO can make exceptions to the full-time requirement in five unique situations:

  • Health Problems (psychological or medical):
    12 months maximum per degree.
  • English Language Difficulty and/or Unfamiliarity with US Teaching Methods:
    Only allowed for students who are in their very first semester in an academic program.
  • Improper Level of Study:
    Student was incorrectly placed in a course that is too difficult and it is too late to change into a less difficult one.
  • Last Semester before Graduation:
    Student expects to graduate at the end of the semester and needs less than a full course-load to complete his/her coursework.
  • Part-time Border Commuter Students:
    Canadian students who commute to each class, have no address in the US, and wish to pursue their studies part-time are eligible for this exception.

If your current situation qualifies you to drop below full-time enrollment based on one of the five following exceptions, please complete the Champlain College Reduced Course-Load Authorization Form, attach documentation (if necessary), and submit all materials to your P/DSO.

For academic reasons, you are only allowed 1 (one) reduced course load per degree level. For medical reasons, you are allowed 12 months maximum per degree level.

Important Note:

Your reduced course load paperwork must be approved by your P/DSO BEFORE you drop below a full-time course load with the Registrar’s Office or your SEVIS record will be terminated.