J-1 Student Transfers

If you wish to transfer from Champlain College to another program sponsor in the U.S., you can IF:

  1. The purpose is to complete the original objective for which you were admitted to J-1 status,
  2. You remain within the same J-1 category, and
  3. You are still in valid J-1 status.
    1. Acceptance Letter from New Institution
    2. Champlain College J-1 Student Transfer Out Form
  • You must discuss your transfer out date with your A/RO. Champlain’s A/RO will discuss any issues with the A/RO at the transfer- in institution.

    1. Make an appointment with your A/RO to discuss the transfer details.
    2. Your A/RO will contact the A/RO at the new institution to discuss the proposed transfer.
    3. Once the transfer has been approved verbally, obtain an acceptance letter from the new institution.
    4. Complete a Champlain College J-1 Transfer Out Form.
    5. Make an appointment with your A/RO and bring the required documents.
    6. The A/RO will assess the transfer and set up the transfer in SEVIS.
    7. You will need to fill out a Champlain College Withdrawal Form after this step.

J-1 Student Program Extensions

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) requires you to extend your program if you will not complete your current program by the date indicated on your current Form DS-2019.

You must apply for a program extension and be issued an updated DS-2019 before your current form expires!


  1. Your current DS-2019 has not expired.
  2. You have new financial documents which show you can support the extra time being requested.
  3. You have documented proof from your home institution that this extension has been approved.

Required Documents for a Program Extension:

  1. A completed and signed Program Extension Form for J-1 Students.
  2. New financial documentation to cover the extra time being requested.
  3. Approval from your home institution of the extension being requested.

To apply for an extension, simply complete the required documents above and bring them to your A/RO.