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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Connection, belonging, and community are important to us here at Champlain.

We want Champlain to be a place where you can feel free to be yourself. Our community is welcoming and embraces individuality, diversity, and promotes a sense of belonging. From affinity groups to safe spaces like the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Women’s & Gender Center, there are many different opportunities for you to find your people and your home here.

Our support offices help you navigate things like accessibility, gender-inclusive housing, studying in a foreign country, and more.

Military & Veteran Students

Champlain’s Office of Military & Veterans Services provides support for student veterans, armed forces personnel, and dependents of current and former military services members. We understand your unique needs and are here to help you succeed.

Military & Veteran Students

Inclusive Campus Resources

ODI Seniors stand outside firesides terrace holding a "Let us Dare" sign four students smile with their arms wrapped around each other during the burlington pride parade. two student wear colorful flags as capes and one student has rainbows painted on their cheeks
  • Affinity Groups, Clubs, & Activities

    Champlain College welcomes affinity groups and recognizes the important role they play in uplifting traditionally marginalized groups on our campus.

  • Gender-Inclusive Housing

    Gender-inclusive housing allows students to voluntarily live in the same space regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or other constructed identities.

  • Chosen Name Process

    Champlain recognizes that students, for a variety of reasons, may not wish to go by their legal name or complete the official legal name change process. Here on campus, we want you to feel comfortable and seen!

  • Interfaith Resources

    Champlain College embraces a community of religious and spiritual diversity.

  • Name Coach

    NameCoach is a tool that allows students to record and share the pronunciation of their names along with their gender pronouns in Canvas.

Institutional Commitment

Diversity, equity, and inclusion spans far beyond the Division of Student Affairs. We all play a role in cultivating a welcoming, inclusive, and informed campus.

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