two students and chauncey the beaver mascot sit on chairs, making heart shapes with their hands. Lake Champlain is visible through the large windows behind them.

Dare to CARE

Dare to CARE is Champlain College's culture of wellbeing, focused on four major themes: Connect, Act, Respect, and Empower.

Your personal and academic success at Champlain College tie directly to your wellbeing. Thriving both personally and professionally in a college environment is achievable through focus, self-awareness, and engagement.

What is Dare to CARE?

Champlain’s Dare to CARE campaign was created by students, staff, and faculty working in partnership to create a culture of wellbeing. Through educational programs, events, and communication campaigns, Dare to CARE challenges you to access support for yourself and others, take safe and effective action when you see a potential problem, maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others, and gain knowledge through education and training.

Why is a college-wide focus on wellbeing a priority at Champlain College?

We know navigating college academics, relationships, career preparation, and more can be challenging. Having a good understanding of your own wellbeing is crucial as you navigate your life as a college student. Champlain provides you with wellbeing resources to support your academic and personal success. Adding a few wellbeing tips and tricks to our tool belts can help us center ourselves among competing priorities.

Wellbeing Events on Campus

two students smile while petting a black and white spotted therapy dog in the SMART Space

There are PLENTY of wellbeing events to choose from on campus and our events hub is a great place to scroll through the different event options. You can filter using the “Dare to CARE: Wellbeing” category. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the Stall Street Journal (a weekly calendar of events) in all campus restrooms.

As the school year nears in August, check back here to see some of our featured events for the fall semester!

a large group of students smile and swarm a truck filled with golden retrievers visiting campus for wellbeing week in rozendaal courtyard

Wellbeing Week

Each fall, Dare to CARE hosts a Wellbeing Week that offers a variety of wellness-related programming and events in addition to the usual weekly wellbeing activities hosted across campus.

This 5-day collaboration is meant to increase your awareness of the wellbeing resources available on campus and in our community, while also encouraging you to enjoy a break, breathe, and take a step back from current stressors in both your academic and personal life.

Learn By Doing: Keynote Speakers, Workshops, & More!

two students wearing blue dare to care t-shirts pose for a photo with drew petersen, wellbeing week keynote speaker

Learn by doing. You’ve often heard this motto when it comes to academics at Champlain College. We are a career-focused college with an emphasis on experiential learning and hands-on education. The same is true for your health and wellbeing. Through Dare to CARE, Champlain brings guest speakers to campus with powerful messages about mental health, offers workshops on topics ranging from time management to cooking on a budget, and supports stress management through offerings like therapy dog visits and organized events to enjoy Vermont with others.

Our 2023 Dare to CARE Wellbeing Week keynote speaker (pictured) was Drew Petersen, professional skiier, mental health advocate, and filmmaker.

  • Wellbeing Peer Coaches & the InSight Program’s Wellbeing Theme

    Peer-to-peer support is important, no matter the topic! When it comes to wellbeing, our Wellbeing Peer Coaches are here to support you and show you the different ways you can care for yourselves and others. Many of our Dare to CARE events are put on in collaboration with our peer coaches, including during Wellbeing Week.

    Wellbeing Peer Coaches are part of The InSight Program, a four-year life skills program that is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate, full-time Champlain students. InSight covers three themes: personal finance, career, and wellbeing.

five students pose with Chauncey, a therapy dog, and the therapy dog's owner. the dog is white and black spotted.
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See Dare to CARE in Action!

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