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Safety & Respect

Our campus is our community and we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment where all students and employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Safety & Respect for All

We care about the wellbeing of our community. The college does not tolerate harassment, bias, discrimination, or sexual misconduct in any form.

We provide mechanisms to report unacceptable behavior, support for impacted individuals and communities, and equitable processes to address alleged policy violations. The College also provides educational programs designed to facilitate a culture of safety and respect.

Please join Champlain in creating a campus culture that is safe for all of us by becoming aware of policies, learning opportunities, support resources, and your role in being a responsible member of our community.

Safety & Respect Resources

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Bias Education & Response Process

The College provides educational programs designed to facilitate a culture of safety and respect, and prevent harassment, bias, discrimination, and sexual misconduct within our community. Complaints alleging bias are promptly investigated by the College’s Bias Education & Response Team

Report a Concern

If you are worried about a student for any reason, please report your concern using one of the forms listed on our Report a Concern page.

LiveSafe App

The LiveSafe app is a mobile safety tool that allows users to communicate directly with campus public safety, local law enforcement, and their peers with just a press of a button.

Care Team Referral

If you’re concerned about a student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful in the college environment or you’re concerned that a student’s behavior or wellbeing are negatively impacting people around them, reach out to the Care Team.

Learn About Care Team Referrals

Does a student need immediate assistance?


Your Answer: What to Do:

The student has made direct threats to harm themselves and/or others. The conduct is reckless, disorderly, or threatening.

Call 911 or Campus Public Safety: (802) 865-6465

Campus Public Safety will respond and reach out to appropriate campus resources as needed.

Not Sure.

Indicators of distress are observed by severity is unclear. Your interaction left you feeling uneasy or concerned about the student.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution and consult:
Counseling Center:  (802) 865-5731
Housing & Residential Life:  (802) 865-2704
Student Health Center:  (802) 860-2711
Campus Public Safety: (802) 865-6465
Submit a Care Team referral

You may not be concerned for the student’s immediate safety, but you are concerned that the student has significant academic and/or personal issues.

All of the resources above and/or perhaps:

Compass Student Services:  (802) 860-2741
Academic Coaching / SMART Space:  (802) 865-6422
Submit a Care Team Referral


Student Prevention Education Training

Champlain brings prevention education to students even before they start classes. All incoming students are expected to complete a series of online educational modules including: alcohol awareness and prevention training; diversity, equity, and inclusion for undergraduates; mental wellbeing for students; and sexual violence prevention. These educational modules provide a comprehensive overview of issues that are central to the student experience.

For current students, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Women’s & Gender Center, the Bias Education & Response Team, and the Office of Housing & Residential Life offer programs throughout the year that facilitate skill building around key aspects of prevention. These may include topics such as dating and communication, consent, self- and community-care, helping a friend, and bystander intervention.

If you are a current student and would like to take any or all of the online education modules listed above, please email to request access.

Title IX Coordinator

The College has designated and authorized Cory Davis, Senior Director of Community Standards and Interim Title IX Coordinator, to serve as the College’s Title IX Coordinator, and to coordinate the College’s efforts to comply with Title IX. For general Title IX questions email

Cory Davis
Senior Director of Community Standards & Interim Title IX Coordinator

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