Parent & Family Relations

The Parent & Family Relations office works in conjunction with parents to support and enhance the Champlain College experience for all students, while striving to keep parents informed and connected to Champlain.

If you are the parent of a prospective Champlain student, you may find the information on our admissions site helpful.

“Through our involvement with the Parent Advisory Council, we have seen firsthand how dedicated Champlain College is to the success of their curriculum and our daughter's future. We have been able to develop a deep bond with Champlain's faculty and administration, and actively participate in the direction the College is taking. We feel there is no better place that our daughter could prepare for her career."
- Bill and Michelle LaCroix P'17

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Ways to Get Involved:

Parent Ambassadors are an integral part of the vibrant experience we offer our students, and engagement from parents and families is of vital importance as our students seek internships and embark on meaningful careers after graduation. The level of involvement is up to you.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can help support Champlain students, both now and long into the future:

Ready to learn more? Contact: or 802.860.2788.