Intercultural & Affinity Communities

Affinity groups provide a means for support, resources, and socializing within institutions of higher education. They can increase morale, retention and innovation by providing supportive environments where diverse groups of people can gather and reflect on their experiences within an organization.

Champlain College welcomes affinity groups and recognizes the important role they play in uplifting traditionally marginalized groups on our campus. Individuals interested in starting or joining an affinity group should contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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Black Student Union is a student-run group sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) with a threefold mission: to create a safe space and supportive environment for students of color to express their opinions, ideas, and cultures; to increase awareness and appreciation for student of color history, culture, and issues through educational events, cultural celebrations, and open and engaging conversations; and to support and advocate for issues that affect our students of color.

Champlain Rainbow Alliance is composed of staff and faculty who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. We provide a supportive space to discuss issues relevant to Champlain's LGBTQ community, plan educational initiatives, and host social activities. Through collaboration with Champlain College's administration, academic divisions, and the student LGBTQ group, Include+, the Alliance works to broaden the culture of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance at Champlain College. The group meets monthly and one meeting a quarter is open to allies and friends.

Include+: is a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual individuals, as well as their allies. The group strives to foster community, visibility, and acceptance for and of the LGBTQQIAA community, with the help of like-minded and accepting allies. The group meets to discuss current events, plan and attend fun group activities, and create community awareness projects for the Champlain Campus. All Champlain community members are welcome to attend. In order to actively create an intentional, inclusive Champlain College community, Include+ will: (1) spread awareness and information about queer identities through community events, social network posts, and hangouts, (2) offer support for all to explore their own identities as well as the intersections of queer identities and other social identities (such as race, class, ability, age, religion, gender identity and expression), and (3) celebrate culture and community by engaging in social activities that highlight our diverse experiences. 

International Community Club (ICC) is a student-run group sponsored by the Office of International Education. The ICC's mission is to provide opportunities for all members of the Champlain College community to explore different cultures and perspectives in a safe and comfortable environment and to act as a community resource and social network. ICC hosts group meetings, events, discussions, and social activities that reflect the cultures and issues represented by its members and community. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate in this organization.

Shades of Me is Champlain's affinity group for students who identify as womxn of color. Shades of Me focuses on creating a safe and inclusive space for womxn of color to share their experiences and explore issues related to their gender and racial identity. 

Soul Food Step Team gives Champlain students a means to speak out through the art of stepping-a form of percussive dance that utilizes the body as an instrument to create rhythms and sounds through a combination of steps, claps, and cheers. With annual auditions open to all students, the team promotes an appreciation for stepping and focuses on celebrating African American culture and arts within the Burlington community.

Trans Girls' Social is a biweekly social opportunity to facilitate community building and networking.

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Champlain embraces a community of religious and spiritual diversity. Students will find various interfaith and religious-based student organizations, recognized by the Student Government Association, including Bridges to Babylon, Champlain Catholic Society, and Champlain Christian Fellowship. 

In 2019, the College opened an Interfaith Room on the Burlington main campus - Room 220 in the Miller Information Commons (MIC) Library. This resource includes a bench, shoe rack, floor pillows, and various religious and spiritual texts. The Interfaith Room provides a centrally-located, private, and quiet environment for those who wish to participate in worship and reflection while on campus. Open during regular Library hours, MIC 220 can be accessed through the main stairwell, elevator, or the side stairwell for greater privacy.

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At Champlain College, first generation (First Gen) students are the first member of their family to enroll in and graduate from a bachelor's degree granting institution. While first gen students are academically skilled and contribute in many ways to the Champlain community, they may not be as aware of what is involved in navigating the web of college policies, procedures, jargon, and expectations. Champlain College has resources and programs to help our first gen students learn this "hidden curriculum" and to support them in their academic journey. 

Champlain College is committed to improving experiences and advancing outcomes of first-generation college students and is proud to partner with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) as a NASPA First gen Forward Institution and First Scholars Network member.  Through this partnership, Champlain College will engage in professional development and community-building activities and will access innovative and timely research and resources. 

The AHEAD (Academics, Health, Engagement, Achievement, Discovery) Pre-Orientation Program takes place during the four days prior to fall Orientation. Students who are the first in their family to go to college, students from our partner high schools, high-financial need students, multi-racial students, and students of color are invited over the summer to participate. The program is designed to help incoming students feel more prepared to start their Champlain College career by familiarizing students with on-campus resources and facilitating connections to faculty, staff, current students, and to other incoming students in the program. If you are interested in learning more about this program, email

Ongoing Programs
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and other departments at the College provide opportunities to build community, connect to resources, and support others, such as mentorship opportunities and celebrating the national First Generation College Celebration Day (November 8th).

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Champlain College values and supports people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We work to educate the community about topics such as gender diversity, LGBTQ+ histories and culture, pronoun use, and intersectionality.

A primary resource for LGBTQ+ students and allies is the Women's & Gender Center (WGC), located at Skiff Annex, room 102. The Center itself serves as an inclusive and comfortable space for the LGBTQ+ population at Champlain, acting as a common area for discussion and support. INCLUDE, a student-led LGBTQ+ group, and the Trans Girls Social meets biweekly in the Center after regular office hours.

For more information visit the Women's & Gender Center website.

Faculty and Staff
The Champlain Rainbow Alliance is composed of staff and faculty who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. We provide a supportive space to discuss issues relevant to Champlain's LGBTQ community, plan educational initiatives and host social activities. Through collaboration with Champlain College's administration, academic divisions and the student LGBTQ group INCLUDE+, the alliance works to broaden the culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance at Champlain College. The group meets monthly and one meeting a quarter is open to allies and friends. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Roland Palmer at

Additional LGBTQ+ resources for Champlain students, faculty and staff.

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Champlain College has offered a supportive atmosphere for single parents since 1987. The Single Parents Program has provided exceptional advocacy and support to its participants by offering workshops, access to resources and many services designed to help students reach their educational and professional goals.

A College Education Will Change Your Life
Being a single parent and going back to college can be a life dream; it can also be stressful. To help these students, Champlain College started the Single Parents Program, providing extra support for students who are single parents.  That support includes a focused orientation program, individual meetings with the Student Resources Coordinator, social programming, emergency funding for unexpected expenses and generous support from a committed community of donors and supporters.

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The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) provides anchors of support and is a home away from home for historically underrepresented students.  The office serves as a central resource on issues related to race, ethnicity, culture, and inclusivity. Stop by our office to say hello and learn how we can enhance your college life. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Champlain College is a place for students with disabilities to develop self-advocacy skills and independence that will lead to their success after graduation. The central resource for students with disabilities is the Office of Accessibility. The main focus of the Office of Accessibility is to provide accommodations (academic, housing, animals) to students with documented disabilities in order to ensure equal access, from the classroom to the campus community as a whole. Staff also provide expertise in efforts to assess overall accessibility throughout the College, support training for faculty, and serve as partners to the People Center, which handles accommodations for employees.

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The transition from active deployment to civilian life is one that many soldiers look forward to, but one that often proves to be more challenging than expected. Our Counseling Center is available to help our students access the support they need to be successful during their time at Champlain and you will find specific resources for veterans here.

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The Women's & Gender Center provides a comfortable, inclusive, and fun place for students to hang out, meet new friends, and have good conversation. Students of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome to call this place home, and we hope you will! All are welcome. Visit our website to learn more.

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