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Living on Campus

Residing on campus provides students with an incredible introduction to independent living. In this section, you will find critical information to plan your life here at Champlain and to make your residence your home.

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All residential hall opening and closing dates can be found here.

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If you have a maintenance issue with anything in your room, please make sure to put in a maintenance request through School Dude which can be accessed online through your student portal.  If further assistance is needed, please speak to a Resident Advisor or to the Area Coordinator.

School Dude Maintenance Request

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Do Bring:

  • Blankets, comforter, & quilt
  • Clothes hangers
  • Computer or laptop
  • Desk lamp
  • Extra-long twin sheets and mattress pad
  • Fan
  • First-Aid Kit (Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment, Aspirin, etc.)
  • Headphones
  • Laundry supplies (detergent, hamper/easy-to-carry basket, quarters for machines, etc.)
  • Notebooks, pens, and other supplies
  • Pillows
  • Posters
  • Small dishware items (plate, bowl, cutlery, mug for coffee, etc.)
  • Small trash can
  • Stackable crates
  • Surge protected cords
  • Toiletries and storage container for them
  • Towels
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Don't Bring:

(Really, don't-these items are prohibited except as noted.)

  • Air soft guns, paint balls, BB guns (Nerf guns are fine)
  • Air conditioners
  • Blender (except in 194 St. Paul)
  • Candles
  • Coffee makers/Keurig-type coffee machines (except in 194 St. Paul)
  • Dart boards
  • Extension cords and outlet splitters
  • Gym equipment
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hot plates
  • Large furniture and lofts (the college can loft your bed for you, if you choose)
  • Microwaves (Every building will have one available for communal use)
  • Pets (Except for fish in tanks of 10 gallons or less)
  • Rice cookers, slow cookers, etc.
  • Space heaters
  • Sub-woofer systems
  • Toasters (Except in 194 St. Paul)
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For those living at 194 St. Paul for the upcoming year, below are the items included in the suites:

Secure bedrooms with key access

  • Twin XL bed (dimensions 39" x 80")
  • Stand-alone dresser or under-bed drawers
  • Desk and chair
  • Armoire
  • Window Treatments

Common Areas

  • Couch
  • Side table and chairs
  • Coffee table
  • Kitchen table and/or counter island with chairs
  • Appliances: electric range/oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and dishwasher (in most 2, 3, 4-bedroom suites)
  • Central air conditioning and heat operated in individual apartments

Building Amenities

  • Free wireless and hardwired internet access
  • Free basic cable TV streaming service
  • Common laundry rooms on each floor
  • Exercise rooms: Cardio & Weights
  • Indoor bike storage rooms
  • Trash removal/recycling
  • Utilities included: hot water baseboard heat, domestic hot water/sewer, electricity

Students should bring the following additional items for 194 St. Paul:

  • Shower curtain/Curtain rings/Bath mats
  • All cleaning supplies (hand/dish soap, dishwasher soap, broom/vacuum, counter cleaning supplies, mop, etc.)
  • Toiletries (toilet paper and paper towels)
  • Kitchen utensils and cookware
  • Garbage cans and bags
  • Plunger and toilet bowl brush/cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
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The college roommate experience can be wonderful, but (sometimes) challenging. This is why it's important to communicate openly with roommates about expectations for living together. To help with this process, Champlain College resident assistants will meet with roommates during the first three to five weeks of the school year to help them engage in conversations about how they can live together successfully.


During these conversations, students will fill out and submit a Roommate Agreement Form. The form helps document the expectations that students set with each other and allows the Residential Life staff to assist residents with any questions, concerns, or challenges that arise involving their living experiences.


Communication is important to a successful living experience and can help you create a long-lasting relationship with your roommate. Good luck with your Roommate Agreements and enjoy this process. Please contact Housing and Residential Life should you have any questions. Login to RoomPact to access the Roommate Agreement Form.

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It is important to review the room condition report when you first arrive to your dorm room to make sure that any pre-existing damage is noted so you will not be charged upon your departure.  

Certain types of decorations pose fire hazards while others are a safety concern. Our  guidelines allow you to decorate your room while minimizing the potential for damage to facilities and furnishings, and minimizing risk to the safety of residents. Residents can attach decorations to walls and surfaces which aren't specifically prohibited using white Funtack, tape, or other adhesives as long as it does not damage any painted or finished surface when removed. 
You may NOT:

  • Affix posters, fishnets, or any other covering to the ceiling.
  • Cover fire detection equipment, lights, or heaters with any decoration.
  • Hang items from sprinkler heads, pipes, or smoke detectors.
  • Use wallpaper or contact paper on surfaces, including inside drawers.
  • Use nails or hooks in walls, ceilings, doors, or furniture.
  • Use any color Funtack other than White.
  • Have candles, incense, potpourri burners, or items with an open flame.
  • Remove screens, or safety bars.
  • Remove college furniture.
  • Place electric lights on room doors.
  • Wrap lights around items (e.g., bed frames or railings).
  • Use a wall mount for a television (where applicable).

When damage occurs within a dorm room or suite, the person responsible should complete a report on School Dude to have it repaired.  Students are responsible to pay for damage that occurs to their assigned bedroom or College furnishing and are not responsible for damage to other bedrooms in the apartment absent fault.Students will be charged for damages to College furnishings and buildings beyond what is considered normal wear and tear.  When specific responsible parties cannot be identified, any assessment of damages to common areas, such as halls, bathrooms and living rooms, will be apportioned among all apartment, floor or building residents. Students may be held responsible for the actions of their guests; to the extent that such actions implicate Students' responsibilities under the Code of Conduct. 

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We try to make the move-out process a smooth one. We know that there are items that students no longer want or need. That's where the annual Move-out Collection Project comes in. By taking a mindful approach to moving out, we can save you money (in cleaning charges and trash hauling), as well as pass on useable items to those who can use them.  

Move Out Collection Project

Interested in using a moving service or remote storage company? See the info about Storage Scholars in the "Useful Services" section below.

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LaundryViewTM lets you check washer and dryer availability over the Internet.

  • Check washer availability, before you come into the laundry room.
  • Receive notification when your laundry is done.
  • Report a problem, to keep all machines up and running.

Simply visit
Laundry View

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Great Services that Make Living Easier

The way we see it, anything you can do to make life easier so you can focus on your studies is a good idea. Here are a few services that provide simple solutions to questions like, "Can I please get someone else to do my laundry?" and "Where will I keep my bike and my longboard when it's snowing, and my snowboard and gear when it's not?"

Laundry Facilities & Laundry Service

All Champlain College residence halls have coin-operated washers and dryers, which also accept the Champlain College Cash Card (with the exception of 371 Main Street and and Spinner Place). Students may check the LaundryView internet application to view the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms across campus.

If you are not into doing your own wash, another laundry option is E & R Laundry and Dry Cleaners, which provides a pickup/drop-off service (this is a paid service, not included as part of housing cost). Information about this service is sent to students during the summer prior to move-in.

For more information, visit E&R Laundry and Dry Cleaning online or call (800) 243-7789.

Great Bedding Packages

The extra-long beds provided in Champlain College residence halls are designed to give every student a great night's sleep. These extra-long mattresses require specially-sized sheets, comforters and blankets. For your convenience, we have partnered with Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, dorm storage solutions, and everything else you'll need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit to get move-in day ready and create your dream dorm!

Bedding example Bedding example

Moving Services & Remote Storage

Storage Scholars is the preferred moving, storage, and shipping partner of Champlain College. We are committed to making your move-out process as smooth and timely as possible!

How summer storage and moving works with Storage Scholars:

  1. They Supply: They supply all the essentials to pack and safely store all your items.

  2. They Pick Up: A fellow student will come grab your things at a time that is convenient for you!

  3. They Deliver: When you are ready to come back to campus, they will have your items delivered and waiting for you in your new home.

Talk about making it easy! Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Looking to ship your belongings to Champlain? Here's how it works:

  1. Storage Scholars Ships You Empty Boxes: They send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.

  2. You Pack & Ship Back: You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and ship them back over to Storage Scholars over the summer months.

  3. They Receive & Deliver: The Storage Scholars team receives those packages, stores them, and delivers them ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.

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This is the only moving company that is insured and permitted to be on campus. All moving and storage arrangements are managed directly by students, who will need to coordinate on-campus pickup and retrieval of belongings. Email or call (336) 815-0100 with questions.

Final Exam Care Packages

Champlain College partners with OCM to provide our students with final exam care packages at the end of each semester during the academic year (Fall and Spring). Parents now have the option to order the packages online directly through the OCM site and upload a greeting card photo, which will be included in the package. For any inquiries regarding the Final Exam Care Packages please contact the company directly at (877) 942-7887.

Hotels for Family & Guests

For the most up-to-date hotel information, please visit our Where to Stay page.

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Do you have specific questions regarding your housing agreement?  Please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life to get a copy of the housing agreement for Main Campus, 194 St. Paul Street, Substance-Free and Gender-Inclusive Housing.  

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Our Team

Looking for a Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion team member? All of our contact information is listed here.

Compass Student Services Compass Student Services

Compass Student Services

Compass Student Services is your one-stop-shop for the business of being a student. If you need help with your bill, ID card, financial aid, or registering for classes, Compass can help!