Reduced Course Load Authorization for F-1 Students - Academic or Medical

All international students at Champlain College must complete 12 credits every semester to be considered "full time" for immigration purposes. The Director, Office of International Student Services can make exceptions to the full-time requirement in five unique situations:

  • Health Problems (psychological or medical): 12 months maximum per degree.
  • English Language Difficulty and/or Unfamiliarity with US Teaching Methods: only allowed for students who are in their very first semester in an academic program.
  • Improper Level of Study: Student was incorrectly placed in a course that is too difficult and it is too late to change into a less difficult one.
  • Last Semester before Graduation: Student expects to graduate at the end of the semester and needs less than a full course-load to complete his/her coursework.
  • Part-time Border Commuter Students: Canadian students who commute to each class, have no address in the US, and wish to pursue their studies part-time are eligible for this exception.

If your current situation qualifies you to drop below than full-time enrollment based on one of the five following exceptions, please complete the Champlain College Reduced Course-Load Authorization Form, attach documentation (if necessary), and submit all materials to the Director, Office of International Student Services.

For academic reasons, you are only allowed 1 (one) reduced course load per degree level. For medical reasons, you are allowed 12 months maximum per degree level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your reduced course load paperwork must be approved by the Director, Office of International Student Services BEFORE you drop below a full-time course load. If you do not complete the Reduced Course Load process before dropping below full-time enrollment, your SEVIS record will be terminated automatically.