Obtaining a VT State Driver's License

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  1. Read the Vermont Driver's Manual and study for the written exam.
  2. Make an appointment to take the Learner's Permit exam by calling Central Scheduling at 802-828-2000.
  3. Bring the following documents to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles site:
    • Passport
    • F-1 Visa (Not required for students from Canada/Mexico/adjacent islands)
    • Current Form I-20
    • Current Form I-94A Card, I-94 stamp in passport, or I-94 electronic printout
    • Student ID
    • Official Champlain transcripts
    • US Social Security Card OR Letter from Social Security stating that you are ineligible*
    • Any 2 documents that include your name and current Vermont residential address that demonstrate residency in the state of Vermont: a) piece of mail with current name and Vermont street address including city/town, b) utility bill (must list service address), c) property tax bill with physical location, lease or landlord statement, homeowners/renters insurance policy, or Vermont EBT or Vermont AIM identification card.

*If you do not have a US Social Security Number, you must:

      • Request a letter from the Assistant Director, International Student Services in OIE stating that you are not eligible for a Social Security Number
      • Take the letter with supporting documentation to the closest Social Security Administration site (Burlington).
      • The SSA will print a second letter saying that you are ineligible for a Social Security Number.
      • Take this letter to the DMV with the other documents listed above.
  1. Pay the required fees and pass the vision and written tests - The fees for the Vermont State Learner's Permit is $47.00 USD (exam fee is $30.00 USD and the permit fee is $17.00 USD). Please note: You must pay by check or money order payable to: Department of Motor Vehicles. NO CASH!
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Once you have obtained your Vermont State Learner's Permit you may drive with someone who already has a Vermont State Operator's License AND is 21 years or older.

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  1. Read the Vermont Driver's Manual to prepare for your Road Test.
  2. Make an appointment for the road test exam by calling Central Scheduling at 802-828-2085.
  3. Have someone with a valid driver's license come with you.
  4. Have a vehicle that is clean and in good mechanical condition with a valid inspection sticker. Be sure that the emergency/parking brake is working properly.
  5. Bring your auto insurance identification card and registration certificate - both are required to do the road test.
  6. Your license will be issued after you pass the road test and pay the fees.
  7. The Vermont State Operator's License (Driver's License) is $66.00 USD (road test and 4 year license). Please note: You must pay by check or money order payable to: Department of Motor Vehicles. NO CASH!
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