Game Programming Major

Game Programming

Champlain's BS degree in Game Programming - one of the first bachelor's degrees of its kind in the nation - combines games with the intellectual challenge of software creation to produce a highly versatile and valuable, in-demand skill set.

In the Game Programming major, you will gain cutting-edge skills and experience that will make you a superior candidate for a position as programmer in the game industry or any number of other industries.

  • study both theory and application of game programming from game industry veterans
  • acquire a foundation of mathematics, physics, computer science and software engineering necessary for game development
  • master contemporary technology for 2D and 3D graphics
  • design and build artificial intelligence, physics engines, and networking systems
  • collaborate with students from other game development majors to build industry-quality games in the Champlain Game Studio
  • produce an impressive project-based game portfolio

Mix Classroom Theory with Actual Production Experience

  • Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll be taking Introduction to Programming, Game History & Development and Game Technology and three more classes directly required in your major in your first year at Champlain. 
  • An essential feature of this program is the extensive experience and outstanding game industry achievement of the faculty, who bring real-world knowledge into the classroom.
  • Champlain's team-based studio environment, The Game Studio, will have you authoring code that will drive graphics and bring characters to life in a real-life game collaboration.
  • Learn on the latest.  Courses are taught on a variety of platforms, devices and operating systems, including PC/Windows and Xbox 360; Apple and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch); emerging platforms (Android Mobile, social media); and Linux/Unix
  • Build a highly marketable resume and portfolio through our extensive Game Programming internship opportunities.
  • Study abroad at Champlain's campus in Montreal, Canada, the world's second-largest game development center-only 90 miles from our Burlington, Vermont campus. Attend the Montreal Game Summit every year and make industry connections.
  • Students in the Game Programming major build a strong foundation in computer science and software engineering and study both the theory and application of game subsystems. Learn the other skills you will master in the Game Programming major.
  • Champlain's reputation for producing high caliber industry professionals is substantiated by the extraordinary success of its graduates. Envision your own Career Success after you graduate!
  • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this popular major.

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