Our Grads Get Jobs

Providing students with a career-focused and relevant education is Champlain College's primary mission. A look at the numbers shows that for our graduates, this approach pays off.

93% of the traditional undergraduate population of the Class of 2013 found employment (full-time, part-time or contract) one year after graduation.

Of those:

Graduate and Go

Our students graduate with their eyes on jobs, but not just any. At Champlain, we equip students to envision their careers, and then we show them the road. It's not just about getting employment. Our students learn how to find the jobs that will help them advance their careers.

Post Graduation Employment Outcomes Report Results for the Class of 2013

Our Career Services Office conducts multiple surveys each year to keep track of our students' progress. Here are some of the things we've found:

  • 38% of respondents have already been promoted from their original post-graduation jobs
  • 93% who responded to our survey indicated that they had at least one internship or job relevant to their major within the past year.
  • 5% of respondents are continuing their education
  • 2% of respondents started their own business
  • 5% of respondents are freelancing as their primary status

The information below is based on data collected from 87% of the traditional undergraduate population for the Class of 2013 one year after graduation.

Division of Education & Human Services


Relevant to
Career Goals

Criminal Justice 100% 80%
Early Childhood & Elementary Teacher Ed 83% 100%
Legal Studies 100% 100%
Middle School Teacher Education 100% 100%
Psychology 100% 100%
Secondary School Teacher Education 86% 83%
Social Work 86% 100%

Robert P. Stiller School of Business


Relevant to
Career Goals

Accounting 83% 100%
Business Administration 89% 98%
Finance N/A N/A
International Business 79% 100%
Management of Creative Media N/A N/A
Marketing 100% 88%

Division of Information Technology & Sciences


Relevant to
Career Goals

Computer & Digital Forensics 92% 82%
Computer Information Technology 100% 100%
Computer Networking & Info. Security 93% 100%
Computer Science & Innovation 100% 100%
Game Programming 100% 100%
Radiography 100% 85%

Division of Communication & Creative Media


Relevant to
Career Goals

Broadcast & Streaming Media 100% 100%
Communication 94% 100%
Filmmaking 89% 75%
Game Art & Animation 100% 79%
Game Design 93% 81%
Graphic Design & Digital Media 94% 87%
Professional Writing 95% 67%
Public Relations 100% 100%

*Employed includes graduates who are traditionally employed, entrepreneurs, freelancing, involved in service programs and the U.S. Armed Forces.

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