Study Abroad

Study Abroad Options in the Game Programming Major

Study abroad in Montreal, Canada, one of the world's largest game development centers—only 90 miles from our Burlington, Vermont campus. With internship opportunities, the Montreal Game Summit, the Montreal International Game Developers Association and a campus director with game industry experience, Game Programming students have amazing opportunities to create strong connections.

  • Over 50% of Game Programming students choose to participate by studying at our Montreal Campus for one semester.
  • Courses in Montreal are taught by Game Industry Professionals in collaboration with Game faculty at the main campus.
  • As of 2012, there are 82 game companies in Quebec, representing more than 8000 employees

Explore the Global Marketplace

"Global Appreciation" has emerged as an essential competency employers seek. Champlain has taken a proactive approach to cultivating this competency by ensuring that international learning is embedded in the College's curriculum.

Additionally, Champlain offers opportunities for every student to engage in a study-abroad experience. To that end, we designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study. What does this mean to you? You can study in another country, even complete an internship, and still graduate on time.

Living and studying in another country will make you a more culturally aware citizen, and an internationally engaged and cross-culturally sensitive professional.

A World of Options:

  • Champlain College's Dublin Campus attracts students from diverse majors and is the ideal starting point for further exploration of Ireland, Europe and points beyond.

  • Montreal, home to another Champlain Campus, is ranked as one of the world's "hippest" cities by the New York Times. Our program is known for cutting-edge academics and internship placements in a city famous for its innovative economy.

  • Champlain has developed a Global Partners Program, offering study-abroad sites in Auckland, New Zealand; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florence, Italy; Ifrane, Morocco and Shanghai, China.

  • Our third-party partner programs take Champlain students as far afield as Mumbai, India; Capetown, South Africa; Innsbruck, Austria; Wellington, New Zealand; London, England; Gold Coast, Australia and many more.