Graphic Design & Digital Media Learning Outcomes

As a Graphic Design & Digital Media major, you'll mature as a graphic designer, mastering the basics of form, color, typography, photography, layout and motion graphics. Our project-based approach will build your skills and portfolio as you work toward a career of creating designs that will promote, inspire and educate.

  • Aesthetic Fluency — The ability both to evaluate artistic works with regard to their aesthetic content within an historical and cultural context, and to apply aesthetic principles to original works such that both emotional and intellectual responses are experienced by viewers.

  • Creativity — The degree to which original thinking is clearly evident, revealing a personal and distinctive vision within creative work.

  • Discipline — The degree to which one consistently displays a professional level demeanor in managing time, materi­als, and information, and working with others in a wide variety of cooperative situations, revealing the motivation and attitude with which students engage challenging work.

  • Realization —  The ability to apply the full range of technical skills, both digital and physical, which is required of the graphic design profession, and which is within the practical capability of the student.

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