Willard & Maple

Willard & Maple, the literary and fine arts magazine of Champlain College, is a student-run publication operated out of the Champlain College library in Burlington, VT.

Each issue, published annually, includes works of poetry, short fiction and non-fiction, fine art and reviews from all over the world. It is Willard & Maple's prime objective to preserve the tradition of the written word, and print quality anthologies that artfully represent the work within. It is the Champlain community's offering into the global body of creative work, bringing the light of imagination to their reader's eyes.

The Willard & Maple office is NOT a traditional college-magazine workplace. Under the guiding hand of James Ellefson, creative writing professor and Champlain College poet-laureate, students take charge of the editorial process for the magazine, and the review board for submissions is entirely comprised of students. Nobody's here to pour coffee and punch copy.

W&M was first published in 1994, is publishing its 18th issue, and currently reading for its 19th issue. Champlain College students can become involved by enrolling in the Lit Mag I and II courses or by simply attending the class. The homework: reading submissions, planning events and determining the identity of the writing community at Champlain, and of the magazine itself. Furthermore, students (and non-students from anywhere in the world) in all creative mediums are encouraged to submit their work for publication in the magazine by visiting Willard & Maple's Submittable page.

Willard & Maple can be found in bookstores throughout Burlington (see Phoenix Books and Crow Bookstore).