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The incredible surge of internet-based media through computers, mobile phones and personal media devices is creating an explosive demand for graduates with skills in audio and video production, web and mobile-friendly media production.

Champlain has strategically expanded its Broadcast Media Production major to give you greater exposure to scriptwriting, broadcast journalism, radio and television studio and documentary production, in addition to the technical and aesthetic aspects of shooting and editing. With hands-on experience embedded in this program, you will be prepared for the latest trends in digital broadcast media as you gain an understanding of fundamentals of writing and production in a multi-media landscape.

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Real World Applications

Through a mix of classroom theory and production experience, you'll study essential media techniques and broadcast management skills that will make you an valuable asset to businesses and organizations. You will learn how to develop stories, write engaging scripts and produce programming for radio, television and web-based platforms. You'll also learn to produce short documentaries and PSAs that air on local television, as well as videos and audio materials for a variety of applications, including signature pieces for local businesses and nonprofits.

At the Film and Broadcast Media Production Stage, you'll get training with a mobile studio production unit that streams live to the Web. Additionally, you'll learn by doing in our digital editing suites, our campus radio station, computer labs and sound studio, as well as field production, starting in your first semester. 

This program prepares students for client-based production and traditional broadcasting, fusing editorial and technical knowledge with in-class and pre-professional experiences. Recently, students' short-form documentaries and narrative films premiered on Vermont PBS in a one-hour broadcast premiere called the Champlain College Student Showcase.

Sonic Arts & Publishing Specializationssound studio

The Sonic Arts Specialization is an optional addition to your program that will give you a tremendous advantage in the marketplace when you begin your job search. This specialized skill set, which includes the fundamentals of music creation, digital audio recording and editing techniques, is in demand for creating today's broadcast, video and media professionals.

If you choose to enhance your Broadcast Media Production degree with a specialization in Publishing, you can work on a variety of publishing projects with real clients that may include traditional books, ebooks and websites, and develop skills in editing, design, illustration, marketing, social media and event management. 

Starting in 2019, you will have the option to choose a specialization in Motion Graphics. You'll study the entire motion graphics process from conception to completion, including ideation, storyboarding, key framing, editing, animation, image making, typography, production and camera work.

 Learn more about our specialization options.

Competitions & Exhibitions

Every year, Broadcast Media Production majors have the opportunity to gain valuable experience participating in national and regional competitions. In 2018, our students won prestigious awards and earned recognition from the New England chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the BEA's Festival of Media Arts and the Intercollegiate Broadcast System's national awards. Their work ranged from long-and short-form documentaries, public service, community affairs and feature reporting. Broadcast students have also had their work broadcast on the Made Here program with Vermont PBS and Burlington's RETN.


Our Upside-Down Curriculum gives immediate exposure to production skills in the first year of college, preparing for meaningful internships early on. You'll create a highly marketable resume with internship opportunities possible at local media outlets such as WCAX-TV, Regional Educational Television Network, Hen House Media, Shadow Productions, Signal Kitchen Studios, Hall Communications, VOX Communications, FOX 44, True Tone Studios, Champlain Radio Group and Vermont Public Television.

Industry Expert Faculty

100% of Broadcast Media Production faculty at Champlain are industry professionals who continue to also work in their fields. Whether they specialize in news reporting, audio production or film, your professors have experience working with evolving broadcast and streaming technologies, and they bring that knowledge to the classroom. Meet the faculty.

Study Abroad

We designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study, which means you can study in another country, even complete an internship abroad, and still graduate on time. You can choose to take your international study at our campus in Montreal, Canada, or in Dublin, Ireland, or through one of our third-party programs. Explore options for studying abroad.

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