an abroad student in morocco, wearing a head covering while walking with camels in the desert

No matter where each of us calls home, we are all citizens of the world participating in a global society. Champlain takes an active approach to fostering this common humanity and promoting the international perspectives required for shared peace and prosperity.

two abroad students sitting on a stone wall, overlooking the city in Mount Royal Park, Montreal

Broader Perspectives

Foreign study and off-campus travel are built into many curriculums, and more than half of all students take advantage of study abroad opportunities.


One third of students who study abroad also intern abroad, meaning more than 100 students completed an international internship in 2019.


average Study Abroad scholarship award per student.


Since 2013, the Freeman Foundation Grant has financially supported approximately 150 Champlain students interning in Asia.

Our Global Footprint

two students stand on a fence, a rock wall encloses a field

1 College, 3 Campuses

We offer multiple pathways for students to experience different cultures, languages, and educational systems, and expand their global awareness. In addition to our main campus in Burlington, Vermont, Champlain College has two international campuses in Dublin and Montreal that come with the same support, people, and tuition.

Learn from Anywhere

For more than 30 years, Champlain has been proud to offer a high-quality education from anywhere in the world through its online programs. As pioneers in online learning, our Champlain College Online students bring their talents and perspectives to the classroom from all across the country and beyond.

Better Abroad Experiences

In addition to our two international campuses and online offerings, Champlain students can live and study at one of five partner institutions in New Zealand, Scotland, the Bahamas, or the Netherlands. Alternative short-term travel and study abroad options also make transformative international experiences accessible to all students, and come in the form of internships, faculty-led courses, and organized trips.

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