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Announcing Test-Optional Admissions

Beginning this fall with applicants for the Fall 2019 incoming class, students applying to Champlain may choose whether or not to submit SAT and/or ACT scores.  

You're more than a test score

Naturally, we ask for all the usual things: transcripts, extracurricular activities, an essay and recommendations. We take into account these measures to determine if you are academically ready for the intensive, career-focused education we provide.

In addition to strength in these credentials, we look at who you are and what you will contribute to our community from a mindset that considers your abilities as a whole. We find that this combination of information provides a strong indicator of your potential to succeed if admitted to Champlain, particularly if your standardized test scores aren’t as strong as your overall application. That’s why we offer you the option to showcase your test scores if you desire, but we don’t want standardized test score to be a barrier to your application to Champlain.

We'd love to meet you

Champlain offers interviews as an optional part of the application process. Like our test score policy, interviews are totally optional, but they provide a great opportunity to highlight specific aspects of your current or future application before it’s reviewed. To schedule an interview, please contact and we will coordinate a time and date with you.

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No! We honor our "test optional" stance. Send us your test scores only if you feel they add value to your application, or don't.

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Students can choose to apply with or without test scores as part of their regular application for admission.

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No problem. Just give us a call at (802) 625-0201 and let us know. We'll make a note not to include your test scores in our review.

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Students who are admitted via test-optional admission are not required to submit their test scores but are strongly encouraged to do so after they have decided to enroll and deposited. These test scores may be used for course placements, but will not have a negative effect on admission or previously awarded scholarships.

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Absolutely not. Choosing to apply without test scores will have no bearing on your consideration for need-based or merit scholarships.

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