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Division of Communication & Creative Media

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All the majors in the Division of Communication & Creative Media integrate academic excellence with strong professional skills, emphasizing innovation, creativity, technological expertise, critical reflection and professionalism. You will gain firsthand experience in and out of the classroom, studying with professionals in the field and engaging with our strong network of industry partners. Guided by Champlain's entrepreneurial spirit, each of the majors will help prepare you to think and act as empowered citizens of this media-engaged and interconnected world.

You will have the opportunity to experience professional settings in Burlington, in other cities in the United States, abroad at our Montreal and Dublin campuses, and beyond. Further development opportunities are available through the Emergent Media Center, the Champlain College Center for Publishing, the Game Studio and the Build Your Own Business (BYOBiz) entrepreneurial program.

For students pursuing leadership roles in the production of tomorrow's digital experiences, Champlain offers a combined bachelor's and master's program in Emergent Media. Study the CCM major of your choice and earn a Master of Science in Emergent Media (MSEM) with just two additional semesters. Please contact your admissions counselor if you're interested in this time- and money-saving MSEM track.

Undergraduate Majors

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Broadcast Media Production

This major gives you the tools you need to work in television, radio and independent production companies. Learn by doing in our digital editing suites, computer labs and audio studios as well as on location. Multiple internship opportunities help you build all the skills you need to uncover, explain and produce stories that capture the hearts and minds of audiences.

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Learn the fundamental principles and practices of communications—the powerful way we interact with each other and the world. Courses run the gamut from from oral presentation to social media fluency, from branding and marketing to interpersonal and small group interactions, and specializations allow you to dive deep into career-focused areas like Public Relations/Strategic Communications.

Creative Media Icon

Creative Media

This unmatched major teaches you to be creatively fearless: You’ll work in three disciplines simultaneously (choose from Creative Writing, Game Media, Interaction Design, Moving Image [Film & Video], Sonic Arts and Visual Art & Design) to define and develop your unique self-expression. All the while, you’ll master the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavor including branding and entrepreneurship.

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This powerful major combines conceptual engagement, technical skills, artistic experimentation, and in-depth training in the business aspects of filmmaking, including budgeting, funding and marketing. Using the latest technology in our computer labs, soundstage and studios, you’ll learn to create films from start to finish, exploring different production roles including director, cinematography, sound designer and editor.

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Game Art & Animation

Learn from game-industry experts at a Top School for Video Game Design, as named by The Princeton Review. Graduate with a portfolio of models, animations, sculptures and concept art that will set you apart. Our Game Studio gives you firsthand understanding of how creative teams collaborate to develop game assets and coordinate them into a functional game.

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Game Design

Taught by a faculty of experts with deep experience in game design, this thorough major will give you the skills to map, develop and create the gameplay that defines a player's unique game experience. The Game Studio experience will help you excel in the complex and interdependent parts of the game production cycle including system, level and narrative design.

Graphic Design & Digital Media Icon

Graphic Design & Digital Media

Learn design thinking to become a creative problem solver. Bridging tradition and innovation, you’ll gain a unique blend of fundamental art and design principles, comprehensive liberal arts studies and active practice in emerging technologies. You will graduate with a professional-level design portfolio rigorously critiqued by a panel of guest designers from top design firms

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Professional Writing

In addition to learning the fundamentals of writing and editing, you'll be introduced to a range of forms and styles that will expand your abilities and your marketability. Customize your degree for a multimedia world with classes in web development, filmmaking, graphic design and marketing. Dig into specialized writing, like travel writing, food writing, digital storytelling and journalism—among many other areas of focus.