Division of Communication & Creative Media

All the majors in the Division of Communication and Creative Media integrate academic excellence with strong professional skills, emphasizing innovation, creativity, technological expertise, critical reflection, and professionalism. You will gain first hand experience in and out of the classroom, studying with professionals in the field and engaging with our strong network of industry partners. Guided by Champlain's entrepreneurial spirit, each of the majors will help prepare you to think and act as empowered citizens of this media-engaged and interconnected world.

You will have the opportunity to experience professional settings in Burlington, nationally, abroad at our Montreal and Dublin campuses,  and beyond, as well as through the Emergent Media Center, the Champlain College Center for Publishing, the Game Studio and the Build Your Own Business (BYOBiz) entrepreneurial program.

Undergraduate Majors

Broadcast Media Production (BS)
Optional Specializations in this major:

Communication (BS)
Required Specialization options in this major:

Creative Media (BFA)
Specializations in this major:

Filmmaking (BFA)
Optional Specialization in this major:

Game Art & Animation (BS)

Game Design (BS)
Optional Specialization in this major:

Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA)
Optional Specialization in this major:

Professional Writing (BS)
Required Specializations in this major:

Undeclared: CCM

Emergent Media Master's Degree Programs

MFA in Emergent Media

The Champlain College MFA in Emergent Media provides a personal and rigorous experience for creative thinkers looking to build rewarding careers around media, technology and design.

MS in Emergent Media

The Master of Science in Emergent Media links technical skills with critical thinking and the creative process. This one-year program is designed for graduate students who wish to have careers producing and managing the collaborative process of the next generation of media content such as mobile apps, interactive experiences and augmented reality.