Christina Esprit

Digital Forensics Research Assistant

Christina Esprit Christina Esprit is a Junior from Naples, FL majoring in Computers & Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Christina works as a Student Volunteer at LCDI where she is involved in a research project on windows 8. Currently Christina is working on the VMware project. On this project, Christina is currently comparing event logs from windows 8 and windows 7 operating system.

Outside of LCDI Christina works at the Office of Diversity, is a member of DFA, is a member of Women in technology and CCA club. Christina has held positions at ReSource as a Computer Deconstruction Assistant, The Ritz Carlton Hotel London as a Volunteer Pastry Kitchen Assistant and as a Navigant Consultant in London as a Volunteer Office Assistant.

She picked her major because she was interested in computers and law. She looked for a major that combined the two subjects and after researching came up with digital forensics and Champlain College was ranked highly for this major. After graduating Christina would like to work for the FBI in the cybercrime unit. Christina holds certifications in completing student ambassador program, level 2 certificates in nutritional diets and health foods, level 2 certificates in food safety, certificate and medal for completing junior chef academy. She would like to work more with encase and FTK.