Kyle Tellers

Research Assistant

Kyle Tellers Kyle Tellers is a Sophomore from Incirlik AFB, Turkey majoring in Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Kyle works as a Student Worker at LCDI where he is involved in research and development. Currently Kyle is working on Private Browsing Forensics, discovering what, if any, evidence of a private browsing session is left behind with the current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Outside of the LCDI at Champlain College Kyle is on the board for the Champlain College Cultural Community Alliance.

Kyle picked Digital Forensics as his major because it is one puzzle after another and is always changing. Kyle chose Champlain College because it is a top ranked school for Digital Forensics. After Champlain Kyle wants to have a digital forensics job in the private sector that requires him to travel frequently.