Olivia Hatalsky

Digital Forensics Research Assistant

Olivia Hatalsky Olivia Hatalsky is a first year student at Champlain, from Sharon Springs, New York majoring in Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Olivia works as a Student Worker at LCDI where she is involved in multiple projects including the Forensic Benchmark project. She is also involved in the Super Timeline project. Both projects are being completed so that they can further assist law enforcement in their forensic research efforts.

Outside the LCDI Olivia is interested in the Equestrian Club, S.E.T., and parkour. Olivia was an intern at The Times Union Newspaper in Albany, New York. She was an assistant to the head research journalist.

Olivia picked Champlain College because she wanted to be able to leave college and have a job that is truly going to make a difference in someone's life. She knows that Champlain will prepare her the best to enter the workforce and make that goal a reality. She would like to do more work using forensic tools to look for evidence on physical hard drives. After Champlain she wants to work for the US Government as a Digital Forensic Analyst.