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March 21, 2018

Champlain College is concerned about the welfare and safety of students, staff, faculty and their guests. The College has developed procedures, policies, and programs to help promote a safe and secure learning and working environment.

The office of Campus Public Safety is currently located in Durick Hall. The department consists of 9 officers who share the primary objective of providing a safe and secure environment through constant patrols, emergency response, investigations, and neighborhood networking.

Officers are on duty 24 hours a day. They are trained public safety professionals who provide coverage for the campus area. All personnel are trained in First Aid, CPR and are equipped with life-saving AED devices and digitally secure two-way radios.

The department has a close working relationship with the Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski and University of Vermont police departments and is in contact with various law enforcement agencies relating to issues affecting the campus and the local Burlington community.

LOCATION:  Durick Hall, 174 South Willard Street
CONTACT:  (802) 865-6465 - 24 hours (from any campus phone dial extension 6465 or (802) 865-6465)

Register for Emergency Alert Messages

Sign up to receive emergency alert messages at, using your Champlain College email and password.

Ongoing Safety Efforts

In addition to internal efforts to prevent violence and respond to concerns, Campus Public Safety (CPS) is working in close partnership with the Burlington Police Department (BPD) and meeting regularly to discuss both concerns and how to collaboratively respond to potential emergencies.

This summer, CPS and BPD will partner to conduct trainings and practice exercises on the Burlington campus to enhance their understanding of the campus and to strengthen their ability to respond in case of an incident.

In case of emergency, CPS can now also communicate on  a shared State Radio Channel frequency with local law enforcement via both CPS radios patrol cars.  This will expedite a request for assistance and allow CPS to guide officers to the threat in real time.

The College has signed an intercollegiate agreement to streamline resources with local colleges, including St. Michaels and UVM.

CPS conducts annual hands-on field exercises with the State of Vermont Emergency Preparedness Division and Homeland Security.

CPS routinely conducts safety training for college departments and strategizes with key groups and stakeholders as needed. Trainings are scheduled by CPS and also upon request.

CPS officers recently attended a two-day active shooter school response training and are using the information to generate revisions to the department's training materials.

CPS coordinated with Homeland Security to provide the Cabinet and senior leaders with Incident Command Systems training this past fall.

CPS partners with Residential Life to conduct periodic visits to the residence halls and conducting informal and formal briefings.

CPS is working to expand their visibility on campus and conducting more foot patrols in residential halls and campus buildings and public areas.

Public Safety information, and specifically active shooter threat prevention and response, has been incorporated into all new employee and will be added to student orientation in the fall.

We are continuing to assess the college's emergency response plan and will keep the community informed of new training and discussion opportunities.

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