Student Publications

Bringing together the creative talents of Champlain College writers, artists, photographers, and designers, the school boasts three student-run publications:


Chivomengro aims to publish a monthly zine of personal essay, satire and culture commentary. The staff loves to include more graphically driven pieces, such as comics or graphic lit. It publishes true stories that show a side of the college experience that people don't always talk about.

Willard & Maple

Willard & Maple is Champlain's fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and fine arts literary magazine. It publishes an annual issue, featuring submissions from the Champlain College community. Staff members vote on submissions, and their favorites make it into the magazine.

The Crossover

The Crossover is the intersection of news, arts, and culture at Champlain College. It publishes news, features, culture, and opinion stories to provide honest, independent views of Champlain College on relevant issues from campus and beyond.

Champlain College Center for Publishing

The Champlain College Center for Publishing is the hub for these publications (aka, The Pub Hub). The Pub Hub is where you'll find all the information you need to get involved. Through a collaborative process with faculty and staff, students can gain valuable experience, training, and practice in writing, editing, design, and publishing, as well as graphic and website design, marketing and public relations, event planning, social media management, and public speaking.

For more information, contact Tanya Lee Stone, Professional Writing Program Director at