Student Care & Response Team

What is the Student Care & Response Team?

The Student Care & Response Team is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to evaluate behaviors by college students that are perceived to be threatening, harming or disruptive to the student, to others or to both and coordinate an appropriate response. The Student Care & Response Team does not respond directly to emergencies. Call 911 if you need emergency services.

Who Should be Referred?

Faculty, staff, friends and family are frequently in a position to observe student behaviors that indicate distress or potentially compromised personal well-being. If you have a concern about a student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with the student's ability to be successful in the college environment, please let the Student Care & Response Team know. You should also contact the Student Care & Response Team if you are concerned that a student's behavior or well-being are negatively impacting those around the student.

What Happens After I submit a Referral to the Student Care & Response Team?

Referrals to the Student Care & Response Team are received and reviewed within one business day of submission. You may or may not be contacted to provide any additional information. Please know that any delay in contacting the source of the referral does not indicate a delay in the referral being acted upon.

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