Logo for the game Synch

Launch the SYNC protocol, where you are the ultimate weapon! Commandeer different robotic synth’s abilities in a high-octane, first-person frenzy. Each enemy, a new synth for you to possess; every ability, your arsenal. Master the art of possession, and flip the pace of battle in a blink.

First-Person Shooter Gameplay with SYNC:
You have the power to SYNC! Charge this ability bar by eliminating enemies with your weapons and abilities of the host you currently have control over. If you begin to run low on ammo or abilities, use your charged SYNC bar by locking onto an enemy and SYNC to them, granting you power over their weapons and abilities as well as restoring health!

Master Different Loadouts:
Every robot you see in the facility is something you can take over and use to your advantage. There are currently three different enemy types for you to take as your own. The STALKER has the ability to fly as well as a railgun and missiles. The GUNNER has a boost and an automatic weapon as well as a chain knife to shred through multiple enemies at once. Then the RUSHDOWN who is a brute with a shotgun, grappling hook, and a damaging shield. Know which ability is best for the situation you are in to clear the room of enemies.

Uncover the truth behind SYNTELL:
The narrative unfolds as you delve deeper into the labyrinthine facility, each level peeling back layers of the story. Discover logs, recordings, and encrypted messages that reveal the origins of the SYNC protocol, the intentions of the lab’s enigmatic creators, and the true nature of the Synth body you possess. These revelations challenge your understanding of freedom, identity, and the essence of consciousness itself.


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