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Thing & Fist is a top-down brawler where two players battle their way through the city of St. Avalon as they work to pull off the heist of the century. St. Avalon is a shady city that is home to gangsterism and sorcery in equal measure, and players will need to work together if they hope to stand a chance against the nefarious baddies that lurk around every corner.

As Thing, players can zap enemies from a distance using powerful bolts of lightning while keeping the hordes of goons guessing by swiftly dashing around, behind, and even through them! For those that prefer a more direct approach to trouncing foes, playing as Fist will allow players to make short work of opponents with powerful punches and a dash attack that bulldozes anything in their way. When the throngs of opponents seem like too much to handle, players can stun crowds of enemies with a powerful slam as Fist or conjure a convenient bribe as Thing to direct their attention elsewhere. Players can also support their partner in crime with their character’s unique shield ability to ensure that Thing & Fist will be able to pull through each chaotic brawl they find themselves in on their quest to become filthy rich!


Team Thing & Fist
Game Studio Senior Show 2024