a leather bound book made by a creative media student

Woven Thread is a multimedia dark fantasy novella stemming from the Norns of Norse Mythology. Under this belief, it is said that each creature born into the world is given a thread of destiny that is woven into creation. Limerick, a wendigo-like forest druid, will stop at nothing to harness the powers of these threads. Using dramatizations of my own phobias, Woven Thread spins first-person tales along the many interconnecting lives that are cut short along Limerick’s rise to power. Fear is the easiest manipulator, after all. Compiled in a hand-crafted leather spell book, Limerick’s story, and the story of those unfortunate enough to cross paths with him, continue indefinitely with each new victim’s lifelines added to his collection.”

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Dann Petrilak
Danni Petrilak
Class of 2022
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