Our office is here to help you navigate the immigration processes as a prospective or current degree student, non-degree student, exchange scholar, or visiting faculty/staff.

These pages provide valuable immigration information for prospective first-year and transfer F-1 degree seeking students and non-degree J-1 exchange students, current  F-1 degree seeking and J-1 non-degree students, and prospective and current  J-1 scholars (i.e. visiting faculty and staff).

  • Jenny Caplan, international student
    Current F-1 Students

    Admitted students are those students who have been accepted by Champlain College and are needing guidance on immigration and enrollment at the institution. 

    Current F-1 students are enrolled international students who are studying at Champlain for a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and need guidance on their rules and regulations of status.

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  • Diogo Ribeiro, International student from Brazil
    Current J-1 Exchange Students

    Current J-1 students are usually non-degree students from another host institution (not Champlain) who are in the United States participating in an educational and cultural exchange program for a specific time period and need guidance on their rules and regulations of status.

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Visiting Faculty & Staff

Learn more about the resources available to our exchange scholars, including visiting artists, lecturers, postdoctoral candidates doing research, and professors.

Learn About J-1 Exchange Scholars