Familiar with the Blue Light Emergency System? The LiveSafe Safety App is like having a blue light in your hand at all times!

Champlain College is committed to providing resources that support a safe campus community. The LiveSafe app is a mobile safety tool that allows users to communicate directly with campus public safety, local law enforcement, and their peers with just a press of a button.

Download the App

Safety App Features

  • a navy blue icon of a person walking
    Safe Walk

    Share your route with a friend to virtually walk, bike, or ride with you and track your progress. If you don’t reach your destination in the estimated timeframe, the app encourages your friend to check in with you.

  • A caution sign icon in navy blue
    Crisis Response Resources

    Find a list of 24/7 campus and national hotlines to contact if you or someone else is experiencing a mental health crisis or sexual violence.

  • A medical icon in navy blue
    Health & Safety Resources

    The LiveSafe App shows you a list of your local and campus resources for safety, health, and sexual violence.

Tips for Downloading the App

  • Download the LiveSafe app from the App Store or Google Play. The logo is blue and white.
  • Create a profile using your Champlain email address.
  • Select your organization: Champlain College.
  • Select the community you’d like to connect with: Student or Employee.
  • Go to your settings and turn on location sharing while the app is in use.
  • Let your friends and family know you may invite them to use the SafeWalk feature with you. Note: The person you are inviting to “walk” with you does not need to have the app downloaded.
  • For app questions, feedback, or tech help, email publicsafety@champlain.edu