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Win at the Game of Life

Through InSight, you'll learn how to manage your career, your finances, and your wellbeing. Leave nothing up to chance.

Prepare for Success Beyond Graduation

When you walk across the stage at graduation, we want you to have the needed skills to succeed professionally AND personally! That’s where the InSight Program comes in.

Not just a one-time workshop, the InSight Program is a required four-year program designed to help you learn the complexities of adulting from budgeting to self-care.

InSight consists of three essential themes: Wellbeing, Personal Finance, and Career.

  • The focus of the Wellbeing theme is to help you develop effective coping strategies for managing personal and environmental stressors. Comprehensive wellness and self-care practices will be integrated into your daily life throughout your college experience, and by the time you graduate, you’ll have a self-care action plan. You’ll be able to identify and address stress and burnout symptoms and promote overall wellness.

  • In the Personal Finance theme, you will gain practical, hands-on knowledge about how to manage your own personal finances. Beginning in your first semester, you’ll learn the basics of personal finance. As you progress, you’ll learn about budgeting, credit management, debt, investing, and more. You’ll graduate with a variety of financial reports, including a budget allocation based on salary projections, and an individual student loan repayment plan.

  • The Career theme focuses on preparing you to stand out in the job market. You will develop critical career positioning skills from the beginning of your studies. By graduation, you should have a comprehensive career profile, professional resume and cover letter tailored to your career goals, updated LinkedIn profile, and a concrete networking experience.

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Elevate Your College Experience

Comprehensive Four-Year Program

While other schools may offer one-off workshops or resources on personal finance and career development, Champlain’s InSight Program provides a comprehensive and ongoing learning experience that ensures you graduate with a well-rounded understanding of these topics.

Holistic Approach to Student Development

The InSight Program is about more than just getting a job. It’s about living a fulfilling life. The program teaches you how to set goals, manage your time, and build relationships. It also helps you to develop your sense of purpose and meaning, so that you can thrive in college and beyond.

Peer Coaching and Support

The peer coaches in Champlain’s InSight Program are more than just mentors. They are also friends, confidants, and cheerleaders. They are there to help you through the tough times and celebrate the good times. They are there to help you reach your full potential.

How InSight Works

Each year, you’ll have a list of assigned milestones to complete. These milestones are completed outside of the classroom and can often be completed through both in-person and virtual options.

You’ll have access to an InSight course in Canvas, the College’s learning management portal. This is your self-service tool for all things InSight, allowing you to track due dates, view completed milestones, and explore options for upcoming goals.

You’ll receive a weekly email reminder of upcoming events, programs, activities, and milestone due dates. You should also watch for Canvas notifications, emails from the Career Collaborative or your career coach, and the weekly Career eCalendar.

You’ll be encouraged to start working on your milestones as early as possible. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and ensure that you complete all of your milestones on time.

Game of Life

This low-pressure game is a way for students to explore what their financial future could look like after graduation, including budgeting and everyday expenses.


At Sophomore Summit, students complete their second-year InSight requirement with a full day of career-related activities, panels, and workshops.


More than 150 employers visited campus to network with students during the 2019 Fall Career Fair, including around 40 Champlain alumni.

Feeling comfortable in your ability to manage your finances, gain confidence in your professional development, and set yourself up for a well-rounded life as soon as possible is essential, and InSight covers it all.
Carly Laudenslager ’24, Graphic Design & Visual Communication // Williston, VT

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