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Kognito Training

Champlain College offers a virtual training to all students, staff, and faculty to equip our community with the tools they need to help students in distress.

Champlain College is a small community where we take care of each other. It is important that we feel ready to handle situations where students may be in distress. Sometimes, this means having the wisdom to know we can’t handle it alone and need to seek help.

What does Kognito training involve?

In this 40-minute Kognito training, you enter a virtual environment and engage in role-play “conversations” with emotionally responsive virtual humans. The conversations are done via clicking multiple choice options; no speaking is necessary and the training is suitable for completing in a public space with headphones. You will not be able to skip ahead or work in another browser window. Information about crisis and non-crisis resources are also embedded in the module.

You will receive personalized feedback throughout the experience!

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You will learn to:

Increase knowledge and awareness about mental health and suicide.

Recognize and identify the signs of distress in self and others, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues.

Utilize effective communication techniques to support someone who shows signs of distress.

Understand support options.

Effectively refer to additional support.

Practice self-reflection and apply strategies to increase resiliency.

Training Links

This training is a required InSight Wellbeing milestone for second-year students. If you are a second-year student, please access the training through your InSight Canvas course so credit is applied.