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Master the transition to Champlain with Champ 101

Immersing yourself in a new environment can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’re here to help you adjust to your new life on campus. Each week, you’ll join one or two short workshops focused on building community with your peers and supporting your academic, social, and personal transition.

Champ 101 is a required program that will empower you to become a resilient, college-ready success story. You will:

  1. connect to campus resources, people, and opportunities;
  2. examine your role in creating an inclusive Champlain community;
  3. explore how to care for your personal health and wellbeing; and
  4. learn how to navigate Champlain’s policies and procedures.

Examples of Topics Covered in Champ 101 Workshops

  • A few program highlights of academic topics covered during Champ 101 workshops:

    • What is add/drop week?
    • Who is your Academic Specialist? What do they do? How can they help? Where can you find them?
    • Intro to the SMART Space: academic support and coaching
    • How and when to use email
    • How to use Canvas
    • How to use Google calendar
    • Building relationships with professors (office hours, emails, accommodations, etc.)
    • How to access and interpret midterm grades
    • How to prepare for next semester, register for classes, and use Student Planning
    • Are you questioning your major? Learn about resources for support, including your Faculty Advisor, Academic Specialist, and Career Coach. Understand how to change your major and add minors. Explore how to create the best academic experience for yourself and get the most out of your degree.
    • How to prepare for advising appointments, complete your advising checklist, and make appointments with advisors.
    • How to set yourself up for a successful end to the semester: Recognize gaps in time management, plan for big end-of-semester assignments, revisit resources such as the SMART Space and tutors, and get guidance on how to ask faculty for help.
  • A few program highlights of wellbeing topics covered during Champ 101 workshops:

    • Identity development in college years
    • How to assume responsibilities for self
    • Advocating for your wants and needs while balancing others’ wants and needs
    • Managing stressful situations
    • Understanding what support resources are available, including the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Office of Accessibility, and IDX Student Life Center
    • Developing healthy habits and routines
    • Challenges of basic self-care in the college setting (eating, sleeping, hygiene)
  • A few program highlights of social topics covered during Champ 101 workshops:

    • Searching for a peer group
    • Community building
    • Engaging with a diverse population
    • How to get involved in student life, make connections, and establish a sense of belonging
    • Managing conflict
    • Establishing boundaries around alcohol and other drugs
My facilitators from Champ 101 made my entire college transition process so much easier and less daunting.
Anna Tompkins ’27
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