ALL Champlain College students must obtain and display a parking permit for their vehicle, regardless of where or when they park through When you purchase a parking permit, you are paying for the right to park in one of several zone-specific Champlain lots.

Residential Students

Eligible residential students require a Zone 2 permit and are required to park at 175 Lakeside Avenue. Students who have a Champlain parking permit are allowed to park in any “unrestricted” zoned lot or street after 4:00 PM – 8:00 AM Monday through Friday and all day on weekends. But, they must still display a Champlain Parking Permit at all times. Champlain operates a free shuttle service seven days a week between Lakeside Campus, 194 Saint Paul Street, and Main Campus.

However, first-year residential students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. A waiver is possible for students that meet eligibility criteria.

Commuter Students

Parking is FREE at 175 Lakeside Avenue for Zone 1 permit holders. Champlain operates a free shuttle service seven days a week between Lakeside Campus, 194 Saint Paul Street, and Main Campus.

City Streets

Residential students may NOT park along ANY CITY STREETS between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Champlain College students are prohibited from parking on any Burlington street that is not specifically zoned for Champlain College affiliates (see black dots on map). Students are not considered “public” with regard to parking.

No Parking at 194 Saint Paul Street Apartments

  • exterior 194 St. Paul

    There is no parking permitted on-site within the parking garages OR in the surrounding neighborhood area of 194 Saint Paul Street, 24 hours/7 days a week. This restriction was put in place by the Vermont Superior Court during the appeal by the neighbors for the construction of the building, and is non-negotiable. All residents must obtain a Zone 2 permit and park at Lakeside Avenue. There are two 15-minute loading/unloading spaces (one in each garage) which are permitted to be used for unloading groceries etc. If you need quick access to your car for internships or jobs, 194 Saint Paul may not be the right choice for you.

    There are no exceptions to this rule. If you need parking close to 194SPS you should find a private, off-street lease in the area.

First-Year Parking Is Not Permitted

First-time, first-year students (less than two full-time, post High School, college semesters) are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. A waiver of this first-year parking restriction is available based on specific criteria. See the policy, waiver information, and form.

First-time, first-year students (less than two full-time, post High School, college semesters) are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. A waiver of this first-year parking restriction is available based on specific criteria. See the policy, waiver information, and form.

The good news is, at Champlain College, you don’t need a car to get the full college experience! In fact, over 80% of our residential students do not have a car on campus.

See for ALL of the available transportation options to get you to, from, and around Burlington, including CarShare, buses, bikes, and more. No car, no problem!

Parking Restriction Waiver Policy

All waivers are reviewed on an individual basis by a Waiver Review Committee (consisting of a representative from Champlain Transportation, the Career Collaborative, the Office of Accessibility, and the Office of Admissions). The waiver must be reviewed and approved prior to bringing the vehicle to campus. Any citations incurred prior to the approval will be the responsibility of the citation recipient.

Champlain Transportation reserves the right to deny parking privileges to any applicant who has incurred parking citations prior to his/her approval for campus parking. This includes, but is not limited to, the accumulation of citations incurred as a permit holder. The Waiver Review Committee shall make these decisions.

Your request will be reviewed by the Waiver Review Committee within two weeks of application. Please allow enough time for this review. A denied request will only be reconsidered if new information becomes available.

Please note that waiver applications for the above criteria will be the only applications considered. The following are NOT an acceptable basis for requesting a waiver:

  • transportation to and from home for parents’ or student’s convenience
  • cost of long distance transit (bus and train) option
  • time limitations
  • medical appointments
  • illnesses (personal, friends or family)
  • financial constraints
  • house-sitting
  • to continue hobbies/sports
  • unpaid internships
  • volunteer work

If another student attempts to purchase a parking permit for someone who is ineligible to park on campus, the purchaser is falsifying information. Falsified information on the permit application will lead to suspension of parking privileges, referral to the Office of Community Standards, and towing the vehicle. No refunds are issued to anyone involved in this activity.

Waiver Details

  • Champlain College considers the on-campus living experience an integral and necessary part of the total education of students. First-year students typically live on campus, where the College offers a large number of employment opportunities. For these reasons, only EXISTING employment (where the student has worked PRIOR to coming to Champlain) within commuting distance (50 miles) to the College will be considered. Employment located on (or within 10 minutes walk of) any city transit route will require you to utilize those forms of transportation (which are free to Champlain students).

      • Students will not be granted parking privileges to look for employment, to access employment obtained AFTER arriving at Champlain, or to prepare for subsequent employment.
      • Students working less than 10 hours a week will not be eligible for a waiver.
      • Students with jobs of “on-call” status (low and inconsistent hours) will not be eligible for a waiver.
      • Students citing cash payments or non-taxed income will not be eligible for a waiver.
      • If you are self-employed, you must have been so for a minimum of one year and provide a copy of the most recent year’s income tax return.
      • Your employer may be contacted to verify on-going employment or unclear employment situations. Should your employment terminate, you will need to return the parking permit to Champlain Transportation within 5 business days following the last day of employment and remove your vehicle from campus. Failure to do so will result in citations, removal by towing, and may result in the suspension of future parking privileges and referral to the Office of Community Standards.
      • You will need to provide a recent pay stub when you apply for the waiver.
  • Students requesting a waiver due to an existing medical condition (which necessitates a vehicle for mobility) shall first provide medical documentation to the Office of Accessibility to set up a case file. No waiver will be considered until the Office of Accessibility is satisfied they have enough information to make an informed decision. Documentation can be sent via email to

    This medical documentation to the Office of Accessibility shall be from the physician providing care. To maintain confidentiality, the reviewer at the Office of Accessibility will review the documentation and then communicate their recommendation directly to the Waiver Review Committee. For privacy purposes, the Transportation Office does not (and will not) review your medical documentation.

  • Students who live in locations that are more than two hours from a major transportation corridor, a long-distance carrier route (such as Amtrak, Greyhound, Megabus, etc.), or a connection hub may be eligible for the waiver. This will be considered for only the most remote home locations. See these routes and providers on our Long-Distance Travel page.

  • Transfer students in their first year at Champlain must provide proof of two post-high school, full-time semesters at another higher education institution. This can be in the form of a transcript from the other institution or correspondence from the Registrar’s Office. Credits or degrees obtained while still attending high school do not meet this criteria.

Parking Restriction Waiver Application

If you believe you satisfactorily meet the criteria outlined above for a First-Year Parking Restriction Waiver, please complete this waiver application online.

Approved Waivers

If your waiver is approved, your information will be added to the parking permit database and you will be able to order a parking permit online at starting the first week of August. Permits are issued per semester, so a new permit will need to be ordered for the Spring semester starting the first week of December. To be re-approved for the waiver for Spring based on existing employment or medical condition, a recent pay stub or further recommendation from the Office of Accessibility will be required in November.

Parking will be in Zone 2 at 175 Lakeside Avenue. Some parking is available in Zone 5 for those who work past 11:00 PM at least one day per week (this will be based on the work schedule information you provide in the application) or for medical reasons.

You will be notified of the Waiver Review Committee’s decision via the email address provided at the time of application for the waiver. Incomplete waiver requests will not be considered.


If you have any questions concerning the waiver process or your waiver request, please contact the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator at

Ordering a Permit

ALL permits are ordered online at: Applicants will be asked to create a new account in the system (this is different from your Champlain account). Select an account name that you will remember year after year (email is best) and create a password to access the account. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved at any time as long as the applicant can receive emails at the address used to create the account.

The following information is needed to complete a campus parking permit order:

  1. Personal Info: Name, Address, Email and College ID number
  2. Vehicle Info: Vehicle make, model, year, color and license plate number
  3. Payment: Credit card or electronic check. Payroll deduction is also available for qualified employees (this option ends after the first week of class)

If the application is approved, a parking permit will be sent in the mail to the campus mailbox or home address provided at registration. The permit takes approximately two weeks and comes from The Permit Store (not Champlain) in San Diego, CA so please make sure that you check your mail carefully. Do not assume it’s junk mail and recycle it.

While your permit is in the mail, you can print a 21-day temporary permit (from the date of order) to put on your dash. Print this from either the final confirmation screen when you order or in your account at under “View Permit”.

Example of the letter and envelope.

Zone and Permit Summary

  • Main Campus and Lakeside – This FREE permit allows the holder to park

    • For FREE at 175 Lakeside Ave, North House, Sanders Hall, South House, and city streets,
    • Pay-Per-Use using ParkMobile at other lots listed
    Lot Name Rate Time limit
    175 Lakeside Avenue
    North House
    Sanders Hall
    South House
    Free None
    396 Main Street
    371 Main Street
    158 South Willard Street
    50¢ per hour
    (plus a 40¢ transaction fee per parking session)
    MIC (Library)
    Summit Hall
    Jensen Hall
    Rowell Hall
    Skiff Hall
    $1 per hour
    (plus a 40¢ transaction fee per parking session)
  • This $175/semester permit allows residential students to park at the rear (south) half of the 175 Lakeside Avenue lot, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

    • Zone 2 permit holders may NOT park in the front (north) half of the 175 Lakeside lot and will be subject to ticketing.
    • Residential students may NOT park in any main campus lots or any city streets between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday.
    • After 4:00 PM on weekdays and all weekend, a Zone 2 permit holder may park in any “unrestricted” zoned lot or street around campus until 8:00 AM.
    • Zone 5 is reserved for residential Education Major students, students who work off-campus until after 10:00 PM at least once per week and students with medical needs.
    • To be approved for medical accommodation, please complete the pre-application (below) and then immediately connect with the Office of Accessibility at to discuss your situation. They will advise the Transportation Office directly of the outcome of this accommodation.
    • Zone 5 is enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week, and no other permit holder is allowed to park here at any time.
    • If Boardman Hall is fully occupied, please use other lots that are part of Zone 5 (South, 396 Main, Sanders, and North) instead of other lots or the street.
    • Zone 5 permit holders may NOT park in the metered lots or any city streets AT ANY TIME.
    • Zone 5 permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Pre-Application and Documentation of employment conditions is required before a permit can be ordered.

Displaying Your Permit

  • parking permit displayed in windshield

    A decal parking permit is required for motor vehicles to park in a permitted space on campus. Permits are valid for one year – from August 1 through July 31 of the following year.

    Permits are registered to a specific individual and their vehicle. They are:

    • Non-transferable
    • Required 24/7
    • Not valid in the hourly paid parking areas under any circumstances

Temporary Personal Permit

Students and employees who wish to obtain permits for themselves due to extenuating circumstances should still email at least three days before the temporary permit is needed.

If there is an emergency or special circumstance on the day, please call Parking at 802-865-5496 or Public Safety at 802-865-6465 with a vehicle description and location, so that the vehicle will not be ticketed.