The Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA) is a non-profit, membership-based, transportation management association serving Chittenden County.

Their motto: We’ll help you get there.

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CATMA administers and manages customized, turn-key programs that offer a better way to get to work, save money, reduce parking challenges and congestion, and cut carbon emissions. Though they don’t operate transit services, they have strong partnerships with local transit organizations and they can help you navigate them.

Champlain College is a founding member along with the other “Hill Institutions” of The University of Vermont (UVM) and The University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC – formerly Fletcher Allen). Champlain’s partnership with CATMA provides the opportunity to jointly manage and share resources, better coordinate land use, reduce congestion, and lessen environmental impacts on the Hill and the community.

  • CATMA jointly plans and manages safe, convenient, and economical parking and transportation in ways that better coordinate land use and reduce environmental impacts. The goals that support this mission are:

    • Establish long-term transportation policies and leadership.
    • Provide strategic and long-term planning for multimodal transportation and parking developments in conjunction with our members’ shared land use planning.
    • Plan, develop, and expand comprehensive, multimodal transportation systems management (TSM) programs, incorporating transportation demand management (TDM) strategies.
    • Plan, develop, own, and manage multimodal transportation systems and parking facilities.
  • CATMA provides and promotes transportation options and assistance to employees and students of its members. The benefits of commuting by bike, bus, carpool, and by your own feet include saving money, reducing stress, enhancing health, making friends, and lessening our impact on the environment.

    Champlain College strongly encourages ALL employees to sign up with CATMA, both to help us understand our employees commutes and provide better programming, but also for the employee to take advantage of the commuter programs and services offered through CATMA.

    CATMA incentive programs and services include:

    • Carpool and Vanpool Matching
    • Bike/Walk Rewards Program
    • Guaranteed Ride Home Program
      • For residential students parking at Lakeside Lot: All students who obtain a Zone 2 parking permit are automatically enrolled in CATMA’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program. This program provides students with a FREE taxi ride between Lakeside and their residence hall anytime the shuttles aren’t running. The process: Any eligible students will call Green Cab VT (802-864-2424) and request a CATMA Guaranteed Ride Home, show their ID Card when they get in and the ride is covered.
      • For employees: All employees are eligible to enroll in CATMA’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program, particularly those that bus, walk or bike commute. This program provides employees with a FREE taxi ride home in the event of an emergency or if the shuttle isn’t operating.
    • Unlimited Access—Free rides on City and LINK buses
    • CarShare Vermont membership discounts
    • Commuter Workshops
    • Monthly prize drawings

For more information and to register with CATMA, please visit or call 802-656-RIDE for details.