Bicycle Commuting

Commuting by bicycle is a great way to get exercise, save money and time, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Champlain College encourages bicycle commuting by:

  • There are plenty of bike racks available on campus for short term use. See the racks layer on our google transportation map for locations, details and photographs.
  • Need to get changed after your commute? There are locker and shower facilities available in IDX at the Gym and in Lakeside on the second floor.
  • The CATMA Bike Rewards program gives persons who bike 24 times in a 60 day period (3 days a week) a $15 gift card to either Merrill’s Roxy cinema, Skirack/Patagonia Burlington, or City Market. Every logged commute also is an entry into the quarterly prize drawing. Free stuff just for biking!
  • Worried about bicycle security or need to leave your bike overnight because the weather turned bad? Use our indoor bike storage room in Cushing Hall (others in Butler and Juniper too). Simply email to request key card access the first time.
  • Not confident enough to commute or need additional tips? Check out Local Motion’s Biking 101 page with helpful videos; they often lead workshops and webinars, too!
  • Need a pump or tools? The bike rack area serving the CCM building between Bader Hall and Cushing Hall has a Fixit Station and heavy duty pump. A pump can also be found in the stair tower at Lakeside and in ChampShop.

Bird Electric Bikeshare: Our Regional Bikeshare System

  • woman on a blue electric bike
    Bikeshare is back! 

    Employees and Students at Champlain College are automatically eligible for a discount of 20% off each trip. Be sure to sign up using your work or school email address. No promotion code is needed, just the correct email.


    1. Always use a bike rack when parking a Bird Bike on campus
    2. Wear your helmet
    3. Download the Bird App
    4. Get riding!

    Have more questions? Read through CATMA’s bikeshare FAQs!

    Want to use a helmet but dont have one? Email to request a free helmet from Bird (while supplies last).

Information about Champlain College’s bicycle facilities and programs

Champlain College is proud to be designated a Silver-Level Bicycle Friendly University. We currently have indoor bike storage rooms in Butler, Juniper, and 194 Saint Paul Street that can be used by ALL residential students (and employees).

  • ChampShop is a bicycle mechanic workshop (initially funded by the Green Revolving Fund) located in Juniper Hall and open 24/7 for self-service.
  • Indoor bike storage areas are available by simply emailing to request key card access. Respect your bike—use safe, secure rooms!
  • Need to get changed after your commute? There are locker and shower facilities available in IDX at the Gym and in the Miller Center at Lakeside on the second floor.

Indoor Bicycle Storage

Champlain College has indoor bicycle storage rooms that can be used by ALL residential students (and employees) regardless of which hall they live in.

Respect your bike by using our safe, secure storage rooms! Bring your own lock and park your bike long-term during the academic year. They are located in:

  • Juniper Hall
  • Butler Hall
  • 194 Saint Paul Street

Simply email to request key card access.

    • Juniper Hall’s storage room has 34 wall hooks and is accessible by the northern side of the building at the lower level. Access to the room is through the ChampShop—Juniper Hall’s bicycle mechanic workshop.
    • Butler Hall’s storage room has 20 wall hooks and is accessed from the southern stairwell basement access.
    • 194 Saint Paul Street has two storage rooms. Room One has 30 wall hooks and is accessible by the ground floor from the main entry arcade. Room Two has 45 wall hooks and is on the first floor, accessible off the eastern Brown’s Court entrance (near the trash enclosure). Both rooms have a heavy duty pump and Fixit stand, with tools.
    • Bicycles only. No snowboards or other items.
    • Hang your bicycle. Bicycles improperly hung or impeding access will be removed at the owner’s expense. Think fire safety!
      • If all hangers are in use, please use outside racks.
    • Use a lock. Champlain is not responsible for lost/stolen items.
    • Respect other people’s equipment.
    • Bikes must be removed at the end of the Spring semester. Any bikes left during the summer will be removed and disposed of.

ChampShop Bicycle Mechanic Workshop

Thanks to the Sustainable Initiatives Fund, a bicycle mechanic workshop space is located in the Juniper Hall ‘Tuning’ Room (conveniently located beside the Juniper Hall indoor bicycle storage room). This workshop is open for use by any student or employee to maintain or repair your bicycle.

Staffed Open Hours

For Fall 2023, ChampShop will be staffed twice a week by an Eco-Rep volunteer! Come learn how to work on and repair your bicycle or just learn more about biking on-campus and in Burlington.

  • Monday 12pm-1pm
  • Wednesday 5:30pm-7:30pm

To obtain key card access to the room, simply email

To obtain access to the tools (they are kept in a combination locked cabinet), complete the liability waiver below. You will be given the combination to the cabinet upon completion. This will ensure tools are respected and if stolen, there is some record of who has approval to use the tools and who has previously entered the room using the key card access data.

The space is anticipated to play host to future clinics on bicycle repair and maintenance for employees and students, so watch this space! Come check it out and spin a few wrenches.

Thanks to The Sustainable Initiatives Fund and Office of Sustainability.

  • Open for self-service 24 hours/7 days

    ChampShop has:

    • a bicycle specific deluxe wall-mounted repair stand
    • full mechanics tool kit
    • floor pump
    • truing stand
    • workbench
    • rags, lube and other cleaning supplies
    • instructional bike mechanic book
    • shelving
    • random assortment of spare bike parts parts in filing cabinets for use by anyone who needs them
    • bulletin boards with quality information, maps and brochures
    • first aid kit (just in case)

sign for ChampShop bike repair workshop

Bike Safety

While Burlington is a relatively safe city to bicycle in, there are still important practices you should use and some information to keep in mind.

Local Motion provides great information for Rules of the Road, Safe Streets as well as Commuting. Also see the VTRANS bicycle information page, particularly the Bicycle Commuters’ Guide.

During the summer and fall, the Champlain College Transportation office teams up with Local Motion to provide workshops as part of the Everyday Bicycling Project, which include basic commuter workshops and on-street bicycle skills workshops. We also partner with the Burlington Bike Project (A collaboration of Bike Recycle Vermont and Old Spokes Home) to offer bicycle-mechanics workshops (held at our very own ChampShop). All workshops are highly interactive, with demonstrations of bikes and gear, step-by-step guidance on how to be a prepared rider, and tips for getting the most out of your bike.

The winter biking tips below are pertinent in the other seasons also. Champlain encourages all riders to wear a helmet (multi-use helmets are available to purchase at the Campus Store in the CCM Center), use a solid U-Lock and have front and back lights (legally required in Burlington).

    • Champlain College students, employees and guests are permitted to lock their bikes to official Champlain College bicycle racks or wall hooks only.
    • Use of, locking or storing of bicycles on Champlain College premises is done solely at the bicycle owner’s or operator’s own risk and Champlain College will not be liable for loss or damage to bicycles.
    • Any bicycle locked to a handrail is considered a safety violation and will be removed immediately, without further warning.
    • Any bicycle locked to trees, sign poles, or other objects shall be tagged with a warning and will be removed after 5 days.
    • Abandoned, or assumed abandoned, bicycles shall be tagged with a warning and will be removed after 15 days.
    • Champlain College will not be held responsible for any bicycle damage or for replacing any locking device that is cut or removed to enforce this policy.
    • If your bicycle is removed, you should contact the Transportation Office with a detailed description of the bicycle to reclaim it.
    • Bicycles that are removed and not claimed by the owner in accordance with this policy and enforcement guidelines may be disposed of by Champlain College in its sole discretion.
    • Use a U-lock and a cable, rather than a flimsy cable combination lock. Cable locks can be easily cut by small, concealable tools.
    • Avoid U-locks that use a cylinder key, as these can be easily picked with inconspicuous tools.
    • When locking, position your U-lock so that it secures the front wheel, the frame of your bike, and the object that you are locking to. Use your cable to loop through your rear wheel, and secure both ends to the U-lock.
    • Locking your bike to objects that are not official bike racks is prohibited (see official policy above). Locking up to trees, handrails, signs and other furniture not designed for bicycle-locking creates safety barriers for other members of the community, especially those who rely on handrails for access, and can damage the object. It’s inconsiderate, and it breeds ill-will towards the greater bicycle community. Locking to an official bike rack may actually decrease the potential for theft.
  • Remember that winter bicycling can be challenging! Please practice winter bicycling in a controlled environment before attempting to commute by bike. Be visible. Wear bright clothing and reflective lights or material.

    • Be predictable. Ride in a manner consistent with traffic laws, and obey signals, and when possible use designated bicycle lanes or paths.
    • Be defensive. Go slow. Always look for oncoming traffic, and make sure motorists see you.
    • Be aware. Keep the volume on any portable devices low enough to hear traffic.
    • Be prepared. Wear proper clothing for the elements. Recommendations include:
      • Warm, waterproof, windproof outer layers.
      • Warm, waterproof mittens/gloves that do not compromise your ability to brake or change gears.
      • Warm but thin head covering that fits under your helmet and protects your ears.
      • Warm, waterproof layer for protecting your face.
    • Be equipped. Winter biking equipment is extremely helpful. A few recommendations include:
      • Proper bike lights for biking in the dark (note: legally required in Burlington)
      • Fenders
      • Studded tires

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