parking ticket on a windshield

Violations & Appeals

A person ticketed has the option of paying the citation or appealing the citation online at

Citations may be presented to the owner/operator in person or placed on the windshield. It is possible to receive a citation for more than one infraction at a time. The more severe infraction will be noted on the ticket. For example, if you park in a restricted space AND your vehicle does not have a current Champlain parking permit, your ticket will be issued for the “No Current Permit” which is considered to be a more severe infraction.

Appeals must be made within 30 days of ticket issue. The system will send a confirmation the appeal has been received. Within your appeal you should state your justification as to why the ticket was incorrect. The Appeals Committee, which is comprised of employees and students, meets every two weeks to decide the outcome of an appealed ticket. The Committee reviews each appeal, discusses the merits and then decides to dismiss the ticket, reduce the fine amount or uphold the ticket and entire fine. Each individual appealing a ticket is notified of the outcome by email.

Each person ticketed gets at least three email reminders and a letter in the mail reminding them to pay the citation. If the citation remains unpaid after the letter has been sent, a $25.00 administrative fee is added to the total amount and the ticket is sent to Student Accounts for collection. Once it has been sent to student accounts, the ticket is considered closed and any payment needs to be made directly to Student Accounts, not The Permit Store/Transportation Office.

Cars with three unpaid tickets parked in Champlain College zones will be ticketed and towed without further warning. If your car is towed, contact Spillanes Towing and Recovery at (802) 662-2785 or (802) 863-7900. They are located at 7 Commerce Ave, South Burlington. Cars parked in restricted spaces such as handicap parking spaces may be towed without any warning. Champlain College students and employees are prohibited from parking on any Burlington street that is not specifically zoned for Champlain College affiliates, and will be ticketed. See general regulations for details.

The finding of the Appeals Committee is absolutely final and will not be overturned by the Transportation Office. Students or employees with questions about the process should contact

Fine amounts, based on type of infraction, are below:




Permit Not Displayed, Improper Permit Placement $10 $25
Payment Expired or Unpaid, Parking on grass/sidewalks, Parking in non-permitted zone or Parking outside white lines $25 $50
No Current Permit (not displaying a valid Champlain College permit or visitor permit), Parking in disabled space, fire lane $50 $100
Use of unauthorized permit $100 $100

*Towing charges and the Administrative Fee are in addition to these fines. Note: Fines must be paid in full in order to receive a new parking permit, confirm course registration, receive a transcript or be awarded a degree.