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Things To Do

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Things to Do

Student life at Champlain leaves the typical college experience in the dust. Having fun, burning off steam, serving your community, expanding your network—however, you decide to fill your time at Champlain, you'll forge fast friendships and make lasting memories as part of our high-energy, yet laid-back community.

The heart and soul of extracurricular life at Champlain is the IDX Student Life Center, a hub of activity from Dining and Fitness to student club meetings and social hangouts.

Contact Student Engagement to learn more about Champlain's extracurricular activities.

Activities & Events

Every weekend there is something new to do at Champlain: apple picking, visiting a haunted corn maze, playing laser tag, roller skating, learning to swing dance and much more. CHAMP also plans events such as the annual Snowball, game shows, Spirit Week, and Spring Meltdown.

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Art & Entertainment Clubs

Express your artistic side or set up a game night! Join fellow students exploring interests in music, drama, anime, and games. 

Academic Clubs

Perfect for enhancing classroom education, academic clubs offer learning opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds and interests among like-minded peers.

Faith & Spirituality Clubs

Champlain welcomes those of all religions and belief systems. Clubs like the Catholic Society and Christian Fellowship foster community and provide a link to service opportunities, spiritual guidance, and fun social events on and off campus.

Fitness Center

Champlain College has a state of the art Fitness Center located in the IDX Student Life Center. We pride ourselves in keeping our Fitness Center clean, current and fun, and we welcome the beginner, intermediate and advanced individual.

Social & Political Clubs

Champlain's social and political clubs provide an array of comfortable spaces for students to relax, meet new friends, and express themselves on campus.

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Ski & Ride

The East's best skiing and riding resorts are just around the corner. Between 35 minutes and an hour's drive from campus, you'll find Sugarbush, Stowe Mountain Resort, Bolton Valley Resort, and Smuggler's Notch.


Sports & Recreation Clubs & Intramurals

Are team sports your thing? We have a wide range of intramural sports and clubs from dance or dodge ball, to parkour or snowboarding. Whatever your athletic interests are, you'll have no trouble finding people to team up with to have fun and stay fit.

Student Government Association

The Champlain College Student Government Association is a group of students which exists to serve and represent the student body. We want to empower you to take action to better your experience at Champlain and to collaborate in transforming your visions into reality on this campus. 

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Student Leadership Opportunities

Beyond clubs and activities, Champlain has many more opportunities for student leadership within its programs. Whether these job positions are year-round or seasonal, the experiences gained can last a lifetime.

Student Publication

Student Publications

Champlain knows that its campus boasts a wide range of creativity-from photographers, writers and filmmakers to people who just enjoy the literary world. Faculty and students have come together to produce four student-run publications: Chivomengro, The Crossover, and The Well.


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