Community Garden & Greenhouse

Working in the Champlain Community Garden

Founded in 2011, the community garden originated by request of students, faculty and staff. The community garden is located beside Rowell Annex and has 27 plots available for individual use by Champlain College community members.

2017 Garden Information and Registration Form - registrations are due April 14.

All are welcome to attend our Garden Work Day on Wednesday, April 26th from 5:00 PM-6:30 PM. 

Want to learn more about gardening or attend other gardening related events? Check out this calendar, brought to you by the Vermont Community Garden Network.

Champlain College Conservatory - Greenhouse

Designed and developed by the Environmental Policy Capstone Students - Spring 2016

Purpose: To demonstrate a systems approach to sustainability and promote ecological literacy.  The plastic bottles serve as both an artistic and practical reminder of how sustainable design can lessen the waste cycle and reduce our impact.  Native, edible and pollinator-friendly plants are started in the greenhouse and used by community garden members and campus to contribute to a functional landscape that provides ecosystem services.  The Environmental Policy Capstone class of 2016 envisioned, designed and constructed this greenhouse as an enduring legacy to foster a reconnection to nature.  


1. Academic: The greenhouse was designed as an education tool to be used in various capacities, including:

  • Teaching about ecosystem services, local and native plants, gardening, energy efficiency, waste and water management, sustainability, aesthetic beauty and promote health and nutritional awareness
  • Integration in existing courses such as such Environmental Earth Science, Food Systems and Policy, Foundations of Ecology, Ecological Economics and Place-based Environmental Study
  • New course design, such as Landscape Design and Agroecology
  • Establishing co-curricula connections, including the LEAD program
  • Building partnerships with local K-12 schools 

2. Further Champlain College's mission: The greenhouse directly links to Champlain College's core value of sustainability.   The Champlain College Sustainability Action Plan states "It is our belief that as we support students to be 21st century global citizens, they need to be well informed about sustainability concepts and practices as it relates to their field and profession. Further, we must create a campus where fully engaging in these concepts and practices is a part of life for our whole community."  The maintenance of the greenhouse and the organisms within it provides multiple opportunities for students to learn more about sustainability and community engagement.   It also contributes to an aesthetically pleasing campus by providing a nursery to grow plants to be placed around campus and enhances the undergraduate experience through academic and residential programming.

3. Community Outreach Opportunities: The greenhouse can be used to foster academic connections with area schools (elementary, middle, high, after, and summer school programs) by providing a local destination for field trips and other programming.

Please check out our supporting materials:

Location: Next to the Community Garden to the left of Rowell Annex

Funding: Green Revolving Fund

We created a greenhouse using a sustainable building approach that promotes ecological literacy and promotes Champlain College's sustainability mission. We encourage students to get involved with hands-on environmental projects that can further contribute to a community where inquiry and experiential learning techniques create strong relationships between the humans and the natural environment.