Game Art & Animation

Your Best Work

The Game Art & Animation major at Champlain College is an art degree applied to the innovative and exciting field of interactive media and games. To be successful, students must enter into the major with a talent and a passion for visual art.

As part of your application for admission into the Game Art & Animation major, Champlain College requires the submission of a portfolio. This portfolio should consist of five (5) files that include images or animations of your very best work.

All work should be original. Demonstrate your promise as an artist in both traditional art skills and in the digital space. If possible show us your process on one of your pieces. For example, include your sketches as well as the final piece.

Suggested types of work we would like to see

  • Traditionally rendered images
  • Digitally rendered images
  • 2D or 3D characters you have designed
  • 2D or 3D environments you have created
  • 3D models, with or without textures
  • 2D or 3D animation
  • Traditional or digital sculpture

You are allowed to upload only five files, but if you have more than five quality pieces we would like to see them. We suggest that you put images of a like nature into a single .pdf file. For example, all your traditional drawings could come in one file and presented as a body of work, digital work could be in another .pdf file, etc. If you have a submission, like a Flash animation in .swf format, that you want to submit, provide a link in the accompanying form.

Please add a title and description for each piece.

How the Portfolio will be Evaluated

Faculty members of Champlain College's Game Art & Animation program will evaluate the submissions as if they were evaluating current student work. Students should concentrate on demonstrating depth of their artistic talent, and quality is preferred over quantity. Also, please take time when filling out the form questions. Communication is an important quality and one we value.

Please contact your Admission Counselor for specific questions on the Game Art & Animation requirement.