Computer & Digital Forensics Minor

Why Minor in Computer & Digital Forensics?

Mobile phones, tablets, GPS, cameras, car management systems, security camera systems: Digital information is everywhere. A minor in Computer & Digital Forensics will be a tremendous asset to anyone majoring in business, any technology field or legal and enforcement professions. Businesses need to protect their data, and with this 18-credit Computer & Digital Forensics minor, you'll be able to advise businesses, attorneys and other legal professionals regarding how to appropriately manage issues digital data issues.

  • Learn how to respond to security incidents, hacking, breeches and internal investigations as well as understand and execute data preservation orders
  • Understand legal issues around digital data
  • Gain a foundational understanding of digital forensic practice and law will give you the technical skills and legal knowledge you need to protect yourself, your company and your career

Courses in this minor currently include:

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