Life Experience & Action Dimension (LEAD) Requirements

Gain life skills and experience for your future

Do you want to get involved in the community? Are you having trouble imagining where you will be after graduation? How much of your loans, job benefits and credit do you really understand? Champlain's LEAD program will help you answer these questions and many others with its workshops, seminars and activities-all designed to prepare you to meet life head on.

LEAD is a four-year program designed to help you develop lifelong skills that are practical, meaningful and useful. The skills and understanding you develop through LEAD will strengthen your ability to adapt your career to changing market conditions, help you make good decisions in difficult situations and teach you how to set and pursue short and long-term financial goals successfully.

All undergraduate students at Champlain participate in LEAD, and you will have your choice of events, workshops, activities and community service opportunities throughout the year from which to choose to meet your required LEAD objectives each semester in: