Computer Science & Innovation

What makes your mobile devices do all the things they do? What's happening beneath the screen, and who develops these innovative ideas and figures out how to make them happen so effortlessly for the user? Such is the nature of the computer scientist's work.

Coming up with ingenious ideas that have never been done before, and figuring out how to harness innovations with complex mathematics and technology to make them happen, are the challenges and passions of students majoring in Computer Science & Innovation.

Computer Science is the most creative and diverse of all the technology fields. If you can imagine an outcome, this major will give you the tools to create it. In addition to providing a solid grounding in all the most significant areas of computer science, Champlain's unique major connects the dots to the latest technological developments. These cutting-edge components of our curriculum constitute the "Innovation" of the Computer Science & Innovation major—an advanced feature of our curriculum that students would be highly unlikely to find in any other computer science program in the country today.

You may also specialize in Mobile Application Development or Software Engineering, or you may elect a minor tailored to your interests and career goals.

Develop Cutting-Edge Skills through Hands-on Education and Experience 

  • Take important classes such as Introduction to Programming; Introduction to Mobile Development; and Innovation 1: Introduction to Emerging Technologies as well as two other courses from the Computer Science & Innovation curriculum in your first year at Champlain, through our Upside-Down Curriculum
  • Learn from industry insiders: Our Computer Science & Innovation faculty have deep industry experience in the computer science areas they teach.
  • Develop skills to program in multiple languages, develop ideas for innovative technologies, and more. Learn the other skills you will master in the Computer Science & Innovation major.
  • Tailor your degree program with a specialization in Mobile Application Development or Software Engineering, which will give you leading-edge skills and an extra advantage upon entering the job market.
  • Acquire practical experience via part-time employment at local employers. Take advantage of our extensive Computer Science & Innovation internship and part-time job connection.
  • Gain a global perspectives by taking a semester abroad. The curriculum has been designed to enable you to study for a semester abroad at a Champlain campus in either Montreal, Canada, or Dublin, Ireland, or at anywhere in the world through our study abroad partners.
  • Explore an open field of job possibilities as a Computer Science & Innovation program graduate. Envision your Career Success.
  • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this exciting major.