Blog List

AI Commons AI is a place for everyone with an interest in Appreciative Inquiry and positive change to connect with each other.  
Art Gallery The Art Gallery features the work of national, regional, as well as faculty and student artists confronting cultural and artistic issues. 
Breakaway Game Through small actions, BREAKAWAY aims to make a big impact to end violence against women and girls.
Center for Learning and Teaching Get up-to-date information about everything related to Canvas, Zoom, Google Suite, and all other eLearning activities.
Center for Service & Sustainability A blog by the Center for Service & Sustainability to keep up-to-date on the newest sustain trends, events, internships, and more. 
Champlain College Online Read more about going back to school, online learning, in-demand career fields, and recent Champlain news.
Chivomengro Monthly issues by Champlain College students about things happening on campus, clubs, and their own views on the world.
Division of Communication & Creative Media We help students think and act as empowered citizens in a media-engaged and interconnected world.
Dublin Campus Blog This is a student, staff & faculty blog where we post about courses, field trips, cultural activities, life in Dublin, and things relating to the experiences of our students studying abroad in Ireland.
Emergent Media On the crossroads of art, innovation, and technology.
Global Experience Champlain student bloggers share their international study experiences in this "Passport to the World."
Library Blog Find out what's going on at the Champlain College Library.
Montreal Campus Blog An introduction to past and present blog posts by students and staff, points of interest, and all the information you need to make the right choice for studying in Montreal.
Staff Council This organization provides representation in the larger College community, organizes networking among staff members, and provides input to the process of planning professional development opportunities. 
Student Government Association Blog maintained by the Student Government Association with information about SGA officers, applying for grants, managing clubs, and more.
The Crossover The Official Student News Site of Champlain College.
The Leahy Center A blog by the Leahy Center reporting about public and private sector initiatives surrounding cybercrime, digital forensics, and information assurance.