'Postcards Never Sent' Exhibit Opens April 4 at Maglianero Cafe

Postcards Never Sent

Champlain College senior, Amanda Schroth's Professional Writing Capstone project is providing students and members of the surrounding community with a special opportunity.

Started in an "Introduction to Photography" class during the Spring 2014 semester, Schroth began working on her first Postcard Never Sent after a falling out with one of her best friends. "I was left with a lot of things I wanted to say to him, but never had the courage to," she said. "I paired my words with my photography, and after it was well received by my peers, I decided to expand the project by reaching out to other people for their secrets."

The photographs are all Schroth's original work. Each photo is taken on her Canon EOS Rebel X. The camera is a film camera, which means all photos are analog and printed. When asked why she made the choice, Schroth explained she liked the deeper connection to creativity with developing the photograph. "There's a richer detail that seems to be erased with digital," she said. "I also wanted the personal connection to each photograph with each message, since every image is tailored and chosen specifically for the message."

Amanda SchrothWe spoke with the leader of the operation herself on what Postcards Never Sent is all about. Here's what Schroth had to say about her project at Champlain:

What do you hope this project provides people? 

I hope this project provides people with an opportunity to say the things that are burdening them. We don't always have the chance to say what's on our mind, and Postcards is a safe chance to do this anonymously. As for people who view the work, it's their chance to see how they are not alone in the things they carry. I have experienced several submissions where the words belong to someone else, but I could have written them as well. It's an opportunity for the Champlain and Burlington communities to secretly connect with one another. 

What is the exact criterion needed or a submission?

The only thing really needed for a Postcard Never Sent submission is that the message should be directed to a particular person or group of people. I've received submissions for best friends, parents, a stranger on the street, etc. As for the message, there is no right or wrong answer. You could tell someone you think they're beautiful or tell your mother that you take a lot of drugs. A lot of people hear secret or confession and assume I am looking for dark and depressing messages, but those aren't the only secrets we have. Sometimes, we really just want to tell people to smile and have a good day, but even that can be hard to do.

Where and when will the photographs be showcased?

The postcards will be put up on display at Maglianero Cafe (47 Maple St. Burlington, on April 4. Sponsored by Champlain Books, the gallery event will be open to the public at 6:30 p.m. The gallery will consist of more than 50  submissions to view.

Visit the website to learn more: http://www.postcardsneversent.com/about-postcards/

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